A private tour in Malta like you’ve never experienced before.    Ahoy there matey. Our Corsairs of Malta tours are the most Media covered guided tours in Malta for a reason! Never trust a pirate they say. But I am a Maltese Corsair and not your petty sea rover. In fact, here is a link

Dare take your own Corsair Private Tour in Valletta   During our special tours, I go by the name of “Xandru Galea.” A fictional Maltese Corsair. A lieutenant in the feared Maltese Corsair Fleet. On the stage of life, my name is Chris Schembri, a tourist guide by profession for over twelve years. Either way,

Places where to enjoy a glass of wine in Valletta      1. City Lounge  This contemporary art/ Central Europe inspired restaurant doesn’t only serve good food, it’s also a great place to have a drink. The ‘City Lounge’ is spread over 2 floors and gives you a view of St George’s Square and the

5 churches in Valletta Some more known than the others   Malta’s capital city is filled with churches, serving different religions and beliefs. To be honest, it feels like every other street has a church, one bigger than the other. Below I have listed 5 churches in Valletta and added pictures as well as some

Five beautiful streets in Valletta You have to explore while in Valletta       Let’s be honest; is there a non-beautiful street in Valletta? No, exactly. Narrow streets with buildings containing colorful balconies and doors. All the alleys filled with small shops and local businesses. It’s eye candy, better than the finest chocolate. Listed

Top five movies filmed in Malta   Malta has been hit with Hollywood for quite some time now. Today we list a few movies you might have watched but didn’t know were filmed in the Maltese islands.  More epic films yet to come in another article so keep a look out!   1. The Devil’s

Haunted places in Malta: We dare you to visit those places at night.    Booo!!! In this week’s post, we’re going to break down some of the scariest and most haunted places on the island.  We can’t cover all of them as this little rock has its own fair share of creepy. We are going

Top 5 traditional Maltese desserts that will make your mouth water You haven’t really experienced Malta till you try these!   The people Maltese love their food and why not? The Maltese cuisine is delicious and full of flavor made with love and passion. We have made a list of Maltese foods you have to try

Maltese dishes to try. Indulge in these local dishes and your tummy will happy.      When you’re on holiday one of the most important things, apart from the sights and the accommodation is the glorious food. Malta offers a lot of traditional delicious dishes one could expect from a Mediterranean island. Today we list top

Top 5 beautiful buildings in Malta: You’ll never forgive yourself if you don’t visit!   Malta has a mixture of Medieval, Baroque and Victorian buildings to add more charm and makes it more unique. Here is of the many few beautiful buildings in Malta.       Auberge De Castille- Valletta  Probably one of the most