CORSAIRING FOR CHARITY – Launch of Corsairs of Malta guided Tours

Here is one date worth remembering … 17.06.2018 … The Corsairs of Malta guided tours have finally begun.

Welcome aboard a Maltese Maritime adventure like no other! Arrrrrr you Ready!!


To celebrate the first ever Corsairs of Malta guided tours happening on our island of Malta, we gave back to our local community the “spoils” of our first tour.




And what better organization to donate the spoils of our first ever Corsairs of Malta guided tours than to courageous volunteers.

Who dedicate a good portion of their precious time to helping our youths!


Enter Right2Smile


Right2Smile is a Non-Profit Organisation set up to offer accessible volunteer travel experience to volunteers desirous of providing their contribution, talent, creativity, and time to improve children’s lives.


In today’s world, time is more scarce than ever despite the many technological advances.

So it’s a breath of fresh air to see many wonderful people still devoting their time and energy to a higher purpose. Such as mentoring and empowering children.


Therefore, donating to them was an easy choice and one we shall treasure for the many years to come.


Our thanks, however, go out to the wonderful 23 people who joined our Corsairs of Malta guided Tours on Father’s day to help contribute to their cause. It is only to these ladies and gentlemen we can call our first Corsairs of Malta tour a success.


Thank you for joining us and also making history in Malta as the first group of individuals on the first ever Corsairs of Malta guided tours carried out in Malta!


To the others who really wished to join but couldn’t make it, see you on any of our next Corsairs of Malta guided tours.


Just check our website’s Calendar for upcoming Corsair tours 🙂


Arrrr you Ready!


Best regards,


The Real Malta Tours


The “Booty” aarrrrggg  – Thanks to all those ladies and gentlemen who joined us, without whom this donation to Right2Smile would not have been possible. Appreciated 🙂