Arrrrrrrrrr you ready!!!!!!  29.06.2018… The Real Malta Tours have literally made History.


That’s right, we have officially launched the First ever ongoing Corsair guided tours of Malta.  

Who were theses infamous Maltese Cutthroats who attacked and plundered their way through the Mediterranean?  Welcome to our “Corsairs of Malta Tours”.


Spot on. Pity our friend here was killed off before he could take our “Pirate” Tour.

A totally new concept and an improved experience in guided tours of Malta especially when in Valletta. A must do when in Valletta! 


In order words guided tours of Malta and its long History of “Licensed Piracy.” Ohh yes, you heard right!


This part of our History has been kept under the carpet so to speak for way too long. Well, not anymore. 


Our Corsairs of Malta Tours are the first ever not only in Valletta but consequently in all of Malta. Not to mention the first guided tours to constantly have the guide in “uniform”..dressed as a Corsair 😉 and play the part of a fictional Maltese Corsair!


Corsairing was not only unique to Malta and was made use of by various other nations. However, we dare say, it appears at the time of writing this article, that our kind of specialized guided tours of Malta (on the subject of Corsairs and Corsairing) are the first of their kind also in the whole Mediterranean!! Another milestone for Malta 🙂


We decided to celebrate this important milestone in guided tours of this part of the Mediterranean History by doing a special tour to officially Launch our Corsairs of Malta Tours


Thanks go to all those lovely people who managed to attend, despite the 29th is a public holiday and this time on Friday… Nonetheless, a good number of people joined us and relished a typical corsair drink on us at the end from “The Pub” in Valletta. (A drink which features on our Complete and Private tours).  It is a “Pirate” Tour after all!


Corsairs of Malta Tours
Thanks to photojournalist Ian Noel Pace for the great picture after the end of the official launch.

Thanks also go those members of the Media who attended to record this historic event and milestone in guided tours of Malta despite their busy schedule on the day.


The rest, as they say, is History and we look forward to bringing our Corsairs and their stories back to life.


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