Top Five Fun Facts about Malta.   Malta despite being small has mind-blowing facts few people know about. Today, we are going to tell you our top five fun facts about Malta. (we will do a part 2 since our history is vast) Without further ado here we go.     1. Calypso Cave This cave

Top 5 churches in Malta Look around Malta and you’ll notice Churches in Malta dominate most of the skyline. Perhaps that is what made them the unfortunate targets to aerial bombardments during the Second World War! With a total of 350 churches for an island that is so small, that’s quite an impressive number!   Every

Top 5 beaches In Malta Learn about 5 beaches in Malta …That will make you wish you lived here!   So you love beaches, then welcome to Malta! It’s a bit of a no-brainer that being surrounded by the sea, Malta offers plenty of beaches that one can leisure during the hot summer days. In this