Top 5 traditional Maltese desserts that will make your mouth water You haven’t really experienced Malta till you try these!   The people Maltese love their food and why not? The Maltese cuisine is delicious and full of flavor made with love and passion. We have made a list of Maltese foods you have to try

Maltese dishes to try. Indulge in these local dishes and your tummy will happy.      When you’re on holiday one of the most important things, apart from the sights and the accommodation is the glorious food. Malta offers a lot of traditional delicious dishes one could expect from a Mediterranean island. Today we list top

Top 5 beautiful buildings in Malta: You’ll never forgive yourself if you don’t visit!   Malta has a mixture of Medieval, Baroque and Victorian buildings to add more charm and makes it more unique. Here is of the many few beautiful buildings in Malta.       Auberge De Castille- Valletta  Probably one of the most

Top 5 places to see in Malta and explore the delights the islands have to offer.   Welcome to our island, a small but mighty rock filled with many places to see. Don’t judge us by our size, you’ll be amazed by the numerous grand sights, history, and heritage Malta offers.  Below are some places