Top 5 traditional Maltese desserts that will make your mouth water

You haven’t really experienced Malta till you try these!


The people Maltese love their food and why not? The Maltese cuisine is delicious and full of flavor made with love and passion. We have made a list of Maltese foods you have to try to read here. Today we are going to make a list of the top 5 Maltese desserts that you must try.


Qaghaq ta ghazel (honey rings


Maltese desserts


These round things were made in Christmas back then now you’ll find them available in supermarkets or any local confectionary they have no honey they are made from jam, sugar, and treacle as their main ingredients.




When Easter comes so does these bundles of joy. The Figolli (plural) are flat cakes that come in different forms such as rabbit, lamb, hearts etc it’s filled with a layer of marzipan and decorated with icing or chocolate and a small Easter egg.




This sweet resembles the sweets produced in Sicily and are not altogether Maltese. The Konnalli are crunchy cubes filled with ricotta, dark chocolate, nuts, ana d mix of fruits.




Quite messy to eat and sweet the Prinjolata is a round cake coated with cream, melted chocolate, and cherries. It around the Carnival time a perfect time to savor the sweet tooth before the lent.


Biskuttini ta Lewz


Maltese desserts


Yhis is another popular treat found in local bakeries made from almonds, castor, sugar, and eggs turn them into a soft macaroon. They go great with a cup of tea or coffee.



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Maltese dishes to try. Indulge in these local dishes and your tummy will happy. 



When you’re on holiday one of the most important things, apart from the sights and the accommodation is the glorious food. Malta offers a lot of traditional delicious dishes one could expect from a Mediterranean island. Today we list top five Maltese dishes to try. 


  1. The “Bragoli” known as Beef Olives


We start off the list of Maltese dishes to try with the beef olives. this is dish consists of minced meat, sliced of rump steak, and boiled eggs. It’s served with tomatoes sauce and potatoes. Over here we love our potatoes and peas. This is a must try for the meat lovers.



  1. Pastazzi


Maltese dishes to try. Indulge in these local dishes and your tummy will happy. 


The cure to everything! Be it hangovers, hunger or just indulging in one’s self. When holiday on Malta you’ll are going to spot a lot of tiny shops that sell these pastries, they are literally in every corner. The Pastazzi are filo pastries stuffed with ricotta cheese and peas. Yummy.  There are also available in chicken and spinach filling.  For those with a sweet tooth, there are with Nutella filling. They are not expensive to buy. Little bundles of happiness. Don’t overdo it as they are full in calories but worth a try. A definite Yum.



  1. Imqaret


To the sweet side, the imqaret is another traditional food you must try. Like the pastazzi, these diamond shaped pastries are filled with dates. They are mouth-watering and deep-fried so be careful with intake but well worth it. 


  1. Bigilla



This dip is served as a snack or as an appetizer. If you dine in a traditional Maltese restaurant, it’s likely you will be served Bigilla as well as Maltese bread (another food worth trying) or water biscuits. The Bigilla’s paste is made from brown beans and garlic as its ingredients.


  1. The rabbit

Last and not least in out lists of Maltese dishes to try. This is one of the most famous dishes on the island. Imgarr is the most famous for this. The rabbit is served in two kinds, either pan-fried in garlic and white wine or with tomato sauce. Be sure to try the Spaghetti rabbit sauce while here.


Ps. You’ll never believe, but our friend the Rabbit is ironically one of the reasons why we Maltese excelled in Corsairing (licensed Piracy).  Yes, you read right, I told you would never believe.



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Top 5 beautiful buildings in Malta: You’ll never forgive yourself if you don’t visit!


Malta has a mixture of Medieval, Baroque and Victorian buildings to add more charm and makes it more unique. Here is of the many few beautiful buildings in Malta.




Auberge De Castille- Valletta 

Probably one of the most beautiful buildings in Malta. Today, used as the Prime minister office. Opened in 1574 as the ‘hostel’ for knights coming from the Iberian Peninsula that pertained in Order of St. John. Nonetheless, the building was remodeled at least 7 times!

 The Grand Master’s symbol and crescent moon featured throughout this vast building with the main central window displaying the Grand Master’s coat of arms by all type of weaponry and arms carved in stone. Not to mention his bust and the design is a feast for the eyes! 





The Grand Master’s Palace- Valletta 

beautiful buildings in Malta

This was the parliament before the newly constructed building. More known as the ‘sede’ of the rulers of Malta and the most important administrative building for more than 300 years!

Built in the 16th century by the infamous Knights of St. John devised where originally had to stand three houses. When not hosting function of the state, the first floor or better known as the ‘Piano Nobile’ opened to the public. The Council Chamber, home to a rare collection of exotic Gobelin tapestries depicting hunting scenes from different continents and the only complete set from the 18th century. The State Dining Room is adorned with portraits of the Presidents of Malta and one painting of Queen Elizabeth II as Queen of Malta. The Supreme Council Hall is decorated with a cycle of twelve frescoes by Mattia Perez d’Aleccio depicting the Great Siege of 1565.

Perhaps our favorite part is the armory, still one of the largest collections of armaments all over Europe. The highlights include an armor of Grand Master Alof de Wignacourt inlaid with gold, huge siege guns and a collection of weapons used by the Ottomans during the Great Siege.






Fort St Angelo in Vittoriosa

beautiful buildings in Malta

This bastioned fort is in the center of the grand harbor. Built around the medieval period as castle named “Castello di Mare” Castle by the sea. The Order of St John rebuilt it. Where it witnessed its bloodiest period yet during the great siege of Malta serving as the Knights’ headquarters.


Did you know, St Angelo also has it own “Grey Lady”. Yup, it’s a ghost. 




Palazzo Verdala- Buskett Rabat. 


Another ghost lady hosts this site this time she is gray, that is the Grey Lady. This palace was originally a small lodge used for hunting. Then, enlarged and embellished by Grandmaster Verdalle from whom it takes its name. Its halls are also adorned by frescoes depicting the history of the Order, paintings and delicate furniture. Used as a retreat by the President today rather than the old Grandmasters, it’s haunting beauty lies mostly with the views one has from its turrets, where by the way our young lady killed herself… If you see her in her grey attire, say hello for us ;p.






The Maritime Museum- Vittoriosa


beautiful buildings in Malta

Going back to Vittoriosa and last in our list of beautiful buildings in Malta is this glorious building. It was once the naval bakery during the British period. Responsible for baking bread for the whole Mediterranean fleet, something like over 40,000 huge biscuits a day!

It’s our personal favorite museum showcasing unique artifacts. Including the largest known Roman anchor in the world!  The earliest known Ex-Voto on the island, the largest ship model belonging to the Order of St John and over 20,000 artifacts! Making it also the largest museum on the island! The building lies in a very scenography area and is one of


PS. Did you know that the original building on which the Naval Bakery once built once housed the arsenal feared and dreaded galleys of the Order? 


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Top 5 places to see in Malta and explore the delights the islands have to offer.


Welcome to our island, a small but mighty rock filled with many places to see. Don’t judge us by our size, you’ll be amazed by the numerous grand sights, history, and heritage Malta offers.  Below are some places we strongly suggest you visit!


  1. Valletta


places to see in Malta



Valletta is the Capital City of Malta and recently the Capital of European Culture 2018.  Us locals we call it  “il-Belt”. Named after the Grand Master Jean De Vallette, its founder, although ironically he didn’t live long enough to see it.


The Grand Harbour, named originally as Marsa el Kabira, meaning the large harbor. It is indeed one of the most beautiful natural deep-water harbors in the world.

Ornated with the local glimmering yellow limestone, the Franka, it is profusely fortified. Bustling with life and activity it is filled with museums, art galleries, monumental churches, restaurants to fill that hungry that belly, and shops to splurge for your heart’s desire.

It is hard to imagine Valletta was once occupied with Ottoman entrenchments and Artillery used to pound and batter the knights on the opposite side of the Grand Harbour in 1565.


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  1. Sliema

places to see in Malta




Sliema is a resort town a long promenade with the views of Manuel Island and Valletta. If you’re visiting in summer, you must check out the rocky beaches. Lastly, if not the most important, Attention shopaholics! You’ll find high street brands and designer brands. It’s also a good place if you are coming to Malta in the summer to go for walks on the promenade and enjoy refreshing cocktails in kiosks.



  1. Marsaxlokk


places to see in Malta


This is the traditional fishing village located in the southern area of the island its one of the places to see in Malta.  Most commonly known as the main fishing village on the island. Like the above or even Marseilles, Marsa means port Xlokk or Scirocco in Italian is the name of the wind that faces this port.


Fish lovers beware! Try one of the many excellent seafood restaurants in this village. We ourselves make it a point to dine there whenever we can!




  1. The Three Cities


places to see in Malta


The three cities are Vittoriosa, Senglea, and Couspica. The oldest of them is Vittoriosa which dates way back many centuries. Locals state even 3000 years as it is claimed that there was a Phoenician temple in the area. The famous knights of St John founded the other two in the 16th/17th century. 

For history buffs, you’ll find museums, and stories we highly recommend you spend at least a whole day here. Both the intertwined streets of the town center and the promenade are not to be missed. 

For those looking for a typical Mediterranean meal fit for a king with a heavenly view, just choose one of the many restaurants along the Senglea and Birgu waterfronts.



  1. Mdina

places to see in Malta


Leaving the best for the last in our list of places to see in Malta. Imdina was the old capital city before Valletta. Guess what?! Evidence shows that there was a settlement here already four thousand years ago.  It’s one of the most stunning places on the island with different milieu buildings ranging from the medieval style, baroque and British colonial interpolations. Known as “Citta Vecchia” Or “Citta Notabile” it still has descendants of the nobility living within its walls. It has also welcomed great personalities amongst them, St Paul, Nelson, and Spanish kings within its walls. All with their intricate stories, not to mention, legends, miracles intrigues and above all Imdina is also to be considered a phantom citadel at night!

Make sure you plan up your romantic walk up there for a bottle of wine or two;)