Five impressive buildings in Valletta   Have you ever wondered which building in Valletta is “probably the finest building in Malta“? Or overall which buildings are a must-go-to, while visiting the capital city? Today, we listed five impressive buildings in Valletta, both historical as well as relatively modern ones.   1.St John’s Co-Cathedral In the

Foods of Malta: Delicacies mostly found only in Malta   A great way to know a country’s food culture is by trying the absolute specialties that the country offers. But what are you supposed to try while staying in Malta? Keep reading and you will get to know exactly the yummy foods of Malta and

Children’s Private Corsair Tours. A fun guided tours in Valletta.    “Let us make future generation remember us as proud ancestors just as, today we remember our forefathers” Roh moo-hyun. The reason behind the creation of Furban Malti and now“Corsairs of Malta” guided Tours in Valletta, was the result of a major disappointment in Maltese