Facts about Gozo Discover also what Gozo’s Azure window and Game of Thrones Daenerys’ marriage have in common…   Gozo is the beautiful little sister island of Malta. Whilst you’re here on holiday, don’t neglect the sister island and pay her a visit. Here are some surprising fun facts about Gozo.   The Ġgantija temples are

Five things to do in Malta in summer   Summer is around the corner and if you’re planning your holiday, you must be thinking about what to do in Malta in the summer. Summer is the season where Malta comes alive. Here are five things to do in Malta in the summer to make your

CORSAIRING WAS… AND STILL IS A DANGEROUS JOB! Read what happened in this guided tour.   Corsairing apparently is STILL a Dangerous job…even the Tour Guide gets injured on occasion!!  As my colleague tour guide, Chris Schembri found out when he broke his leg PS: this happened outside the job and not whilst boarding enemy

Top 5 Facts about Malta. Part 2   We might be small BUT this island of almost 450,000 and growing, holds many treasures and secrets, many still undiscovered! We’re rich in history and we’re proud of our heritage. Thinking of visiting our island? Find out in which city cars are not allowed and more, in