Legends and Myths of Malta: Creepy and Macabre tales on the island   With 7,000 years’ worth of history, it’s natural Malta birthed a few myths and legends here and there. From St Paul’s shipwreck to the beautiful but eerie St Angelo, and Homer’s Odyssey, today we list down a few of the legends and

6 Maltese Wines to try and experience the taste of the island of life.  Wine production in Malta dates back two thousand years, to the time of the Phoenicians. At the beginning of the 20th century, Delicata and Marsovin wineries were established and been producing Maltese wines ever since. Today we list our top 5

Fun Facts about Valletta: A small capital but don’t underestimate its size    Valletta is the capital city of the island of Malta and was the European Cultural Capital 2018. Today we are going to lists fun facts about Valletta you can find the first part about the fun facts about Valletta over here.    1. Population 

25 things to do in Malta: 25 things to keep your holiday packed.    The Maltese islands might be small but there are countless things to do when you’re here on holiday. Today we are going to list 25 things to do in Malta.   1. The old Capital City of the island also known