The fortifications of Valletta   While walking in Valletta one can’t ignore the imposing fortifications and probably ask how long did a hilly rock become such an impregnable fortress. You don’t have to ask those questions anymore. We will tell you the stories to get the answers you’re looking for.   The constructions and improvements

25 things to do in Valletta The complete guide to make your visit easier.    Valletta is the smallest capital city in Europe but there is so much to do. In today’s post, we are going to list down the 25 things to do in Valletta. “The city built by gentlemen for gentlemen”   1.

Films filmed in Malta   We have covered Movies filmed in the Maltese islands, you can read it here since the list is long, we made part 2 of films filmed in Malta. So, lets’ get our cameras ready and kick off with the list.   Fun Fact: 110 movies are filmed in Malta and