25 things to do in Malta
25 things to do in Malta

25 things to do in Malta: 25 things to keep your holiday packed. 


The Maltese islands might be small but there are countless things to do when you’re here on holiday. Today we are going to list 25 things to do in Malta.


1. The old Capital City of the island also known as the “Silent City”. The Medieval city is one of the most beautiful places on the island. A MUST on your holiday plans.


25 things to do in malta

2. Visit Valletta. The Capital City of the island previously, the European Capital City of Culture for 2018. Once there, you’ll see why. Some shameless promotion while in Valletta, book a tour with us.

3. Try Cisk. Cisk is the local beer there are is also Cisk excel for the weight watchers. There is also Cisks Chill which comes lemon, redberry, and ginger and lime flavors. If you don’t like beer, try the local soft drink, Kinnie.


25 things to do in malta

4. The fishing Village. Marsaxlokk known as the fishing village is the place to go to for the best fish restaurants. Also on Sunday, for the more adventurous and DIY, there’s the fish market. .

5. Sightseeing buses. The sightseeing bus is a good way to see the island. There are two types of sightseeing buses, one takes you to the north and the other to the south.

6. For the shop addicts, Sliema is the one stop for you. There is the Plaza Shopping complex and the much larger Tigne Point.

7. For a Boogie. If you’re looking for to shake your booty, St Julian’s is where the nightlife is. If you’re visiting in Summer, Malta’s nightlife comes alive with many places to choose from such as Café Del Mare, Gianpula, or Marrakech.

8. Try the Twistees: The Maltese savory snack comes in Cheese, Bacon and other flavors.


25 things to do in malta

9. Try the Pastizzi: You won’t find this pastry filled with happiness anywhere else so do indulge in either cheese (ricotta, peas, and now chicken). Beware they are 400 calories each but worth every bit. Don’t take our word for it, try them!

10. Hobza biz-Zejt you cannot visit Malta and miss this. This bread is filled with tuna, onions, olives and makes a perfect lunch.

11. Take a swim. Now that you’re armed with Hobza Biz-Zejt and Cisk, all that’s left, is for you to go take a dip in our sea. There are plenty of beaches to choose from such as Riviera or Gnenja Bay.


25 things to do in malta

12. Visit the temples of Hagar Qim, Tarxien Temples and Mnajdra, they are older than the Stonehenge.

12. Go to Ghar Dalam, it’s a 144-meter long phreatic tube. The cave contains bones of animals that became extinct.

14. Visit Gozo. While in Malta, why not take the Ferry and visit the quieter sister island?


25 things to do in malta

15. Mosta Dome. Take a look at the church in Mosta, it’s “Rotunda” dome. At one time, the dome was the third largest in the world… Also, see the bomb that failed to explode in World War II.

16. Go to a “Fenkata”. Rabbit is one of the traditional local dishes. Mgarr makes the best “Fenkata” add this for a date night.


25 things to do in malta

17. Go for a hike. Try going for a hike in the countrysides of Malta such as Imtahleb or at the outskirts of Mellieha. Tip: Rent a car.

18. Go for wine tasting. Malta produces one of the finest wines. Why not head down to one of the local winemakers, Marsovin and do a wine tasting with a complete tour of their vineyards? Also, in summer they host the wine festival in Hasting Gardens, Valletta

19. Visit the three cities. Senglea, Vittoriosa, Cospicua. The oldest is Vittoriosa, whilst there, visit the gorgeous St. Angelo and take in the swanky yachts parked in the harbor.


20. Popeye Village. If you are looking to add something quirky into your holiday, eat your spinach and head over there. This where the musical Popeye Village was filmed.

21. Eat Mqaret. These delights filled with dates are sweet and tasty. Eat lots of them, you won’t find them anywhere else.


22. Visit St Johns Co-Cathedral in Valletta, embrace the richness of this place and the infamous painting of St John the Baptist’s beheading.

23. Take in the panoramic view of the harbor in either Lower or Upper Baraka in Valletta. Why not go to both?

24. Take a swim at the Blue Lagoon and take the boat to Comino the other sister island in Malta and swim in the clearest bluest seas.

25. And the last one in 25 things to do in Malta.  Go for a dive. There are a few diving spots on the island so why not head underwater and explore the depths of the Mediterranean Sea?


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