5 impressive buildings in Valletta
5 impressive buildings in Valletta

Five impressive buildings in Valletta


Have you ever wondered which building in Valletta is “probably the finest building in Malta“? Or overall which buildings are a must-go-to, while visiting the capital city? Today, we listed five impressive buildings in Valletta, both historical as well as relatively modern ones.


1.St John’s Co-Cathedral

impressive buildings in VallettaIn the 16th century, the Knights of Malta were the major protectors of Christianity and their mission was to protect Europe from the Ottoman Turks. Built as a symbol to their success, the St John’s Co-Cathedral’s interior is outstanding. It appears more like a jewelry box than a church sanctuary. It is a perfect example of the 17th-century Baroque design. Mattia Preti, the most renowned painter in Malta, created the marvelous overhead paintings. Showcasing the life of Saint John the Baptist. The floor, consisting of about 400 marble tombstones with Latin inscriptions, are paying tribute to the Knights of St John.

Since the Knights of Malta originally came from various countries,  St John’s Co-Cathedral reflects that in its 8 different chapels. One for very “Langue” to which the Knights were assigned. For example, you can visit the Chapel of the Langue of Aragon (Catalonia and Navarre, Spain), the Chapel of Langue of France and the Chapel of the Langue of Italy.



2.Grand Master’s Palace

impressive buildings in Valletta



Built between the 16th and 18th centuries the palace has always been the house of government. Till recently.

Visiting the Palace is a MUST as well as the museum inside part is run by Heritage Malta. 






3.National Museum of fine arts

Known as one of the earliest buildings in Valletta. It was the residence for the successive St. John’s Knights and later on the building has hosted high-ranked personalities like Queen Elizabeth of Britain and King George V both as guests and residents. 

Ever since 1974, it has officially been the National Museum of Fine Arts and Malta’s most important museum for the arts. The museum displays Maltese silverware, fine artistic furniture, bronze, and wooden statues from local both also internationally renowned artists.


4.Auberge De Castille

impressive buildings in VallettaAnother in our list of impressive buildings in Valletta is the Auberge De Castille, originally built in the 16th century. At the time, the residence for the Knights from the langue of Castile (Spain) and Portugal. Rebuilt in the 1740s on a more Baroque style. The two-story building has a rectangular shape and its façade is divided into eleven bays. 

During the world wars, it was the headquarters of both the British and Libyan army. In present time it is housing the Prime Minister of Malta.









5.New Parliament

impressive buildings in VallettaLove it or hate it, the New Parliament was a part of the City Gate Project,  started and designed in 2009 by Italian architect Renzo Piano. The building’s construction took off in 2011, its deadline was 2012 but finally opened its doors in 2015.

Located right next to the City Gate, this zero emission three-floor building consists of 2 blocks connected to each other by bridges. Covered in Limestone, sent to Italy to be cut into special pieces before receiving it back to Malta.

Most of the building is closed to the public for security reasons, but on the ground floor, it is possible to visit a permanent exhibition which showcases the history of the parliament.



While we’re in the subject of impressive buildings in Valletta, you can look at these buildings by clicking HERE to take one of our “Corsairs of Malta” walking guided tours.



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