Viewpoints in Valletta: Explore the wonderful views Valletta has to offer.    While you wander around in Valletta, a wonderful discovery is to stumble upon spectacular viewpoints that give you the opportunity to see a long way. If you don’t know exactly where to go to find those views and relax while doing so keep

Five impressive buildings in Valletta   Have you ever wondered which building in Valletta is “probably the finest building in Malta“? Or overall which buildings are a must-go-to, while visiting the capital city? Today, we listed five impressive buildings in Valletta, both historical as well as relatively modern ones.   1.St John’s Co-Cathedral In the

Foods of Malta: Delicacies mostly found only in Malta   A great way to know a country’s food culture is by trying the absolute specialties that the country offers. But what are you supposed to try while staying in Malta? Keep reading and you will get to know exactly the yummy foods of Malta and

Children’s Private Corsair Tours. A fun guided tours in Valletta.    “Let us make future generation remember us as proud ancestors just as, today we remember our forefathers” Roh moo-hyun. The reason behind the creation of Furban Malti and now“Corsairs of Malta” guided Tours in Valletta, was the result of a major disappointment in Maltese

Top 5 things to do in Sliema.   Like Valletta, the town of Sliema is one of the busiest places on the island. Although Valletta is richer in history, Sliema is the trendier part of the island, where you’ll find plenty of things to do and see. Sliema is at the east, with Valletta on

Private Tour Malta – Bachelors and Stag Do Sea, Sun and Pirates! Welcome to Malta!   Ahoy their shipmate, the first part of your adventure has begun! Are you visiting our tiny island of Malta for a Stag do with the lads? Give your matey an event to remember. Treat your Bachelor to a “Pirate

Malta Private Tour – Hens parties Sea, Sun, Cocktails, and Pirates! Welcome to Malta! Ahoy there me lady, dare for a different experience altogether? Are you visiting our tiny island of Malta for a Hen’s party with the ladies? Give her and yourself an event to remember and treasure. In addition, Treat your girl to

10 shipwrecks in Malta and Gozo Diving is a pretty well-known activity nowadays, especially while one is on vacation. It is incredible to see the corals, fish and so on, but what if you would see something a little bit different for once? Dive in, and find out what’s actually hiding underneath the surface in

Fun Facts about Valletta: Interesting facts about the mystic capital.    Valletta is the capital city of the island of Malta and also was the European Cultural Capital 2018. Today we are going to lists fun facts about Valletta that you must know.       1. The founder of Valletta never saw his beloved

Top 5 things to do in Malta in winter.   Our island is surrounded by sea and some would think it’s better visiting during the summer. Beware! We have a cruel summer here with temperatures, rising up to 40 C so pick your dates carefully. On the other hand, visiting in Winter, Malta will be