Top 5 most beautiful buildings in Malta
beautiful buildings in Malta

Top 5 beautiful buildings in Malta: You’ll never forgive yourself if you don’t visit!


Malta has a mixture of Medieval, Baroque and Victorian buildings to add more charm and makes it more unique. Here is of the many few beautiful buildings in Malta.




Auberge De Castille- Valletta 

Probably one of the most beautiful buildings in Malta. Today, used as the Prime minister office. Opened in 1574 as the ‘hostel’ for knights coming from the Iberian Peninsula that pertained in Order of St. John. Nonetheless, the building was remodeled at least 7 times!

 The Grand Master’s symbol and crescent moon featured throughout this vast building with the main central window displaying the Grand Master’s coat of arms by all type of weaponry and arms carved in stone. Not to mention his bust and the design is a feast for the eyes! 





The Grand Master’s Palace- Valletta 

beautiful buildings in Malta

This was the parliament before the newly constructed building. More known as the ‘sede’ of the rulers of Malta and the most important administrative building for more than 300 years!

Built in the 16th century by the infamous Knights of St. John devised where originally had to stand three houses. When not hosting function of the state, the first floor or better known as the ‘Piano Nobile’ opened to the public. The Council Chamber, home to a rare collection of exotic Gobelin tapestries depicting hunting scenes from different continents and the only complete set from the 18th century. The State Dining Room is adorned with portraits of the Presidents of Malta and one painting of Queen Elizabeth II as Queen of Malta. The Supreme Council Hall is decorated with a cycle of twelve frescoes by Mattia Perez d’Aleccio depicting the Great Siege of 1565.

Perhaps our favorite part is the armory, still one of the largest collections of armaments all over Europe. The highlights include an armor of Grand Master Alof de Wignacourt inlaid with gold, huge siege guns and a collection of weapons used by the Ottomans during the Great Siege.






Fort St Angelo in Vittoriosa

beautiful buildings in Malta

This bastioned fort is in the center of the grand harbor. Built around the medieval period as castle named “Castello di Mare” Castle by the sea. The Order of St John rebuilt it. Where it witnessed its bloodiest period yet during the great siege of Malta serving as the Knights’ headquarters.


Did you know, St Angelo also has it own “Grey Lady”. Yup, it’s a ghost. 




Palazzo Verdala- Buskett Rabat. 


Another ghost lady hosts this site this time she is gray, that is the Grey Lady. This palace was originally a small lodge used for hunting. Then, enlarged and embellished by Grandmaster Verdalle from whom it takes its name. Its halls are also adorned by frescoes depicting the history of the Order, paintings and delicate furniture. Used as a retreat by the President today rather than the old Grandmasters, it’s haunting beauty lies mostly with the views one has from its turrets, where by the way our young lady killed herself… If you see her in her grey attire, say hello for us ;p.






The Maritime Museum- Vittoriosa


beautiful buildings in Malta

Going back to Vittoriosa and last in our list of beautiful buildings in Malta is this glorious building. It was once the naval bakery during the British period. Responsible for baking bread for the whole Mediterranean fleet, something like over 40,000 huge biscuits a day!

It’s our personal favorite museum showcasing unique artifacts. Including the largest known Roman anchor in the world!  The earliest known Ex-Voto on the island, the largest ship model belonging to the Order of St John and over 20,000 artifacts! Making it also the largest museum on the island! The building lies in a very scenography area and is one of


PS. Did you know that the original building on which the Naval Bakery once built once housed the arsenal feared and dreaded galleys of the Order? 


Find out more by clicking HERE about the history in Malta during one of our walking guided tours in Valletta.





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