Five beautiful streets in Valletta
Five beautiful streets in Valletta

Five beautiful streets in Valletta

You have to explore while in Valletta


Let’s be honest; is there a non-beautiful street in Valletta? No, exactly. Narrow streets with buildings containing colorful balconies and doors. All the alleys filled with small shops and local businesses. It’s eye candy, better than the finest chocolate.

Listed below are 5 rather long five beautiful streets in Valletta, from where you can explore the small alleys easily as well. And don’t worry if you get lost in this city. Every step in the wrong direction will make you see something amazing that you otherwise would not have seen.




1. Old Mint Street



The ‘Old Mint’ takes you from Hastings Gardens almost all the way to Fort St. Elmo at the tip of the peninsula. On this street, you will, for example, find the impressive Carmelite Church (its roof seen to the left on the picture).




2. Old Bakery Street



From Redbet’s Casino down to Fort St. Elmo Bay, you are walking through Old Bakery Street. There might be quite some traffic on this street, so remember to also look at what is in front of you and not just up at the architectural buildings!




3. Archbishop Street



This street almost allows you to walk from one side of Valletta to the other. On the way, you’ll find monuments and of course good restaurants. And since it is Valletta; stunning architecture.




4. St. Ursula Street



From Upper Barrakka Gardens to deep down, not far from the East side Valletta’s bastions. This is one of the “more important” streets, and it’s filled with tiny shops and historical buildings. St. Ursula Street allows you to walk down history lane.  Not to mention a few Corsairs of Malta Tour related stories. 



 5. Republic Street



The absolute main street in Valletta, that goes all the way from the City Gate to Fort St. Elmo. This is definitely the most crowded street since it offers great shopping outlets, restaurants and cafés. This beautiful but busy street is the place to be. For sure. 



Article and photography by our young corsair in the making Robin Sjölund. Traveling all the way from Finland, Robin has joined our Motley crew during his stay in Malta with a dedication and passion for discovery worthy of any Corsair! 


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