Views in Malta Discover magnificent views to marvel at.          Blue Lagoon The Comino Blue Lagoon, located only fifteen minutes by boat from the port of Mġarr, is one of the best bathing spots in Malta with its translucent waters and sheltered coves. An old pirate spot, Comino Island, with its magnificent

Fun facts about Mdina.   Mdina otherwise known as the silent city is located in Rabat, the central part of the island. This walled city was the capital of Malta before the arrival of the knights in 1530.     It has more nicknames   Mdina is also Known as Citta Nobile which means the

Places to visit in Malta at night.   Locations to visit in Malta when running out of ideas.    Malta is full of nice spots, but most of us get used to hanging out in the same areas. We forget the beauty of other places this island has to offer.   Today we set up

Single Traveling in Malta   Here are some off beaten ideas for Single Travellers… From a local who loves also traveling alone, I have a pretty good idea of what likely ticks your boxes, From one single traveler to another, below find a list of my top things to do when Single Traveling in Malta.

Solo Traveling in Malta As solo travelers ourselves, we just love having the greater possibilities and independence solo traveling in malta brings. Your own boss in any country. Also, contrary to popular belief, solo traveling doesn’t mean not socializing. On the contrary, in Malta, solo travelers get to make lots of new friends, both with

Temples of Malta and Gozo.   Malta has a set of Megalithic temples. Some of them are UNESCO world heritage sites. Rumored to have built around the 3000 to 4000 BC. That makes the temples older than the Pyramids of Egypt and Stonehenge in England. Let’s dive in together as we name our temples in

The fortifications of Valletta   While walking in Valletta one can’t ignore the imposing fortifications and probably ask how long did a hilly rock become such an impregnable fortress. You don’t have to ask those questions anymore. We will tell you the stories to get the answers you’re looking for.   The constructions and improvements

25 things to do in Valletta The complete guide to make your visit easier.    Valletta is the smallest capital city in Europe but there is so much to do. In today’s post, we are going to list down the 25 things to do in Valletta. “The city built by gentlemen for gentlemen”   1.

Films filmed in Malta   We have covered Movies filmed in the Maltese islands, you can read it here since the list is long, we made part 2 of films filmed in Malta. So, lets’ get our cameras ready and kick off with the list.   Fun Fact: 110 movies are filmed in Malta and

Legends and Myths of Malta: Creepy and Macabre tales on the island   With 7,000 years’ worth of history, it’s natural Malta birthed a few myths and legends here and there. From St Paul’s shipwreck to the beautiful but eerie St Angelo, and Homer’s Odyssey, today we list down a few of the legends and