Look around Malta and you’ll notice Churches in Malta dominate most of the skyline. Perhaps that is what made them the unfortunate targets to aerial bombardments during the Second World War!

With a total of 350 churches for an island that is so small, that’s quite an impressive number!   Every town or village has at least have one. Without further ado here are the top 5 Churches in Malta

  1. Basilica of Our Lady of Mount Carmel – Valletta


This church is what makes the Valletta skyline even more fantastic and glorious with its 42-meter dome. It was built around 1570 by Giralomo Cassar. The façade was later redesigned in 1852 by Guiseppe Bonvia.

Damaged during the Second World War it was later rebuilt and is worth visiting!



   2. Churches in Malta: St Paul’s Cathedral-Imdina


This giant building dominates the square of the silent city. It wasn’t always so silent as this awesome church (which was originally dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary) was demolished by an earthquake!

It was rebuilt and designed by Gafa. Considered as his masterpiece, the cathedral is dedicated to St. Paul. 


   3. The Basilica of the Nativity of The Virgin Mary- Isla 


This Roman Catholic Church located in Sengela known as the “Bambina” by the locals was built in 1580 as a monument of the victory after the great siege in 1565. Senglea saw some of the bloodiest fightings throughout the siege.

It became a parish church in 1581 and in 1921, Pope Benedict XV honored the church with the title of Basilica. After the crowning of the statue of the Virgin Mary on 4 September 1921, the church became a sanctuary of the Virgin Mary.

Again, like most churches, it was destroyed by the Second World War and was later rebuilt 1956.


  4. Parish Church of the Assumption (Mosta Rotunda) – Mosta


churches in Malta


A must see in our list of churches in Malta! This church has to be one of the most stunning sights in Mosta.  Known as the “Rotunda” it was built between 1833 and the 1860s to neoclassical designs of Giorgio Grognet de Vassé, on the site of an earlier Renaissance church which had been built in around 1614 to designs of Tommaso Dingli.

The church was also targeted during World War II,  But with a twist!

On 9 April 1942, a German aerial bomb pierced the dome and fell into the church with people inside during Mass. Can you imagine the poor locals’ faces hearing mass?

Here’s the twist… the Bomb failed to explode!  A miracle or luck?  This event was interpreted by the Maltese as a miracle, no doubt by the same people inside.

If you want the see bomb, it’s in the church to this very day!


     5. St John’s Co-Cathedral-Valletta 

Last one in our list of the churches in Malta. This church is in a league of its own! The crème de la crème.  If you’re in Valletta, at all costs don’t miss out on this finest piece of Baroque architecture.

It was built by the Order of St. John between 1572-1577 for themselves (so you can imagine the troubles and finances to make it the best! )

It was designed by Giralomo Cassar who designed other beautiful buildings in Valetta.  In the 17th century, its interior was redecorated in the Baroque style by Mattia Preti and other artists. While in there, make sure you take a look at the famous painting of St. John’s Beheading. 



As a young local, I always wondered where did the all the funds for so many churches come from…

Well, it’s much more interesting than you would have imagined! So, if you want to learn more where these funds came from whilst in Valletta, be sure to check our Corsairs of Malta walking guided tours and find out click HERE.

 HINT HINT the title of the tour is the clue 😉

Top 5 beaches In Malta

Learn about 5 beaches in Malta …That will make you wish you lived here!


So you love beaches, then welcome to Malta!

It’s a bit of a no-brainer that being surrounded by the sea, Malta offers plenty of beaches that one can leisure during the hot summer days.

In this post, we list the top 5 beaches in Malta for you to explore, work on that tan and enjoy that cold beer!


  1. St Peter’s Pool


The first one on the list of the top 5 beaches in Malta. This rocky beach is a natural swimming pool located close to Marsaxlokk ( A typical and romantic fishing village) at the tip of Delimara point in southeast part of the island.

You’ll wish you had a pool like this!


  1. Riviera


beaches In MaltaIf you’re a fan of sandy beaches than you’ve hit the jackpot!

Riviera is one of the most popular beaches on the island with its stunning clay slopes and cliffs. Located in Ghajn Tuffieha at the North West part of the island.

PS. Be warned, no good things come easy … a flight of 200 steps stands between you and heaven.

BONUS – However if your feeling lazy after long that in the sun and wish to avoid the steps than behold, Golden Bay is not far away and this bay is also a must go to!


  1. Slugs bay


Slug’s bay is a little pocket beach located in Mellieha.

This tiny yet natural gem of a beach has a little sandy area. It’s literally like your own private beach and pool. Don’t let the 10-minute walk along the cliffs slopes stop you as we personally guarantee it is well worth the effort!

Kept in pristine condition,  beneath its clear waters, you can come across  “poop” like creatures with spikes. Sea Slugs.. In Maltese there literally called “Coco tal-Bahar” ( Sea Poop”). We weren’t kidding about the Poop Part!


  1. Little Armier


beaches In Malta



These are two neighboring beaches. Armier and little Armier. Both are sandy. We suggest you visit

Little Armier. It’s located in the north area of the island and apart from its crystal clear waters … it’s much quieter than the larger bay.



5.  Blue Grotto


Last on the list of top 5 beaches in Malta. Not exactly a beach, but a sea cave/inlet is located in Zurrieq along the southeast coast in Malta. A short distance away from the fishing harbor.

It’s nonetheless very popular with tourists and even more with scuba divers. So much so that we recommend you go during the week as it’s become very busy during the weekends.

Did we mention the biggest White Shark caught in Malta was caught close by?


PS Yet not all who visited these beaches came in peace…. if after a day at the beach you wish to learn more about the History of “Piracy” as walking guided tours in Valletta, click HERE and get in touch with us!

Enjoy your stay! 🙂

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