10 shipwrecks in Malta and Gozo Diving is a pretty well-known activity nowadays, especially while one is on vacation. It is incredible to see the corals, fish and so on, but what if you would see something a little bit different for once? Dive in, and find out what’s actually hiding underneath the surface in

Fun Facts about Valletta: Interesting facts about the mystic capital.    Valletta is the capital city of the island of Malta and also was the European Cultural Capital 2018. Today we are going to lists fun facts about Valletta that you must know.       1. The founder of Valletta never saw his beloved

Top 5 things to do in Malta in winter.   Our island is surrounded by sea and some would think it’s better visiting during the summer. Beware! We have a cruel summer here with temperatures, rising up to 40 C so pick your dates carefully. On the other hand, visiting in Winter, Malta will be

Malta tours: Our “Biggest” catch – Private Scout Tour   What a day, what an experience, what fun! Today, a group of very young but intelligent corsairs blessed us. As the Xghajra Scout group swelled our ranks on a maritime voyage through the streets of Valletta.     This adventure was a child-friendly version guided tour

Accounting meets Corsairing in this private tour! An unexpected journey between the licensed professions!   Another “For the Love of Gold “ Private tour we had the opportunity to carry out was for NM Group, Accountants, Auditors and Business Advisors who joined our motley crew to see that we had all our documents in order for the Grandmaster!

Six Museums you must see in Valletta   Surround yourself by history to the smallest detail in Valletta. To know more about the things that went down in Malta and especially Valletta. Where you are able to explore different museums that will give you incredible stories and visuals. Here you find listed 6 museums you

5 not so popular but beautiful streets in Valletta        Even though every street is beautiful and special in Valletta according to me, there are a few streets that aren’t really that crowded. In my opinion, more people should explore the streets for bigger or smaller reasons. I have listed 5 of these hidden

5 snacks bars in Valletta      While walking in Valletta you will get blown away by the beautiful architectural features and unbelievable views that you might actually forget to eat. But since it is such a beautiful city, you shouldn’t waste any time sitting inside a restaurant all day. Grab a snack and keep

A private tour in Malta like you’ve never experienced before.    Ahoy there matey. Our Corsairs of Malta tours are the most Media covered guided tours in Malta for a reason! Never trust a pirate they say. But I am a Maltese Corsair and not your petty sea rover. In fact, here is a link

Dare take your own Corsair Private Tour in Valletta   During our special tours, I go by the name of “Xandru Galea.” A fictional Maltese Corsair. A lieutenant in the feared Maltese Corsair Fleet. On the stage of life, my name is Chris Schembri, a tourist guide by profession for over twelve years. Either way,