Children's Pirate Valletta Tour

Children's Pirate Valletta Tour


A private child-friendly version of our popular regular Valletta tour – “Licensed to Steal”. This Children’s pirate Valletta tour is a unique tour in the whole Mediterranea. Which is why we made all the top national headlines and media! Now we have also created a children-friendly version of the tour, which is nonetheless still as fascinating and fun for accompany parents or teachers.

We’ll focus on Malta’s Maritime history, in particular, Corsairing and Valletta’s connection with “Licensed Piracy”

Every building in Valletta we will pass and stop by, from Merchants street and more, will clearly show that Corsairing was, especially during the times of the Knights of St John a well-organized industry…and not you’re mainstream “Pirates of the Caribbean“.  It was the bread and butter for many on the island.

A point your tour guide Chris Schembri will be entertaining you with, all dressed as a fictional Maltese Corsair…by the name of “Xandru”.

The children will laugh and giggle, as Xandru recruits crew members from the group to involve them in the stories…

Using Visuals, real-life scenarios from our rich historical past, and involvement throughout to keep their attention we will also go deep into little known and incredible Maltese social and cultural aspects.

Check out a few of our tried and fun tested previous tours and judge for yourselves to join our merry band 🙂

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  Duration :   2 Hours20mins
  Meeting Point :  Passing by Auberge de Castille and other stops we then we proceed to Merchants street. Halfway through the tour we will stop for a short 15/minute toilet break at "Is-Suq tal-Belt". We'll then continue along Merchants Street ( where a good deal of the tour happens for safety reasons - it's a mostly pedestrian area ) .
  Finishing Point :  Archbishop Lower Barrakka Gardens, Valletta.
  Group Size :   1-50 including Parents/Teachers
  Type of Walk :   Pleasant with few inclinations.
As this is a walking tour any entrances are not included, tour may be customised: time duration, pickup point, museum visits not excluding St Johns' Co-Cahedral itself, transportation or special requests.

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