Top 5 Facts about Malta. Part 2
Top 5 Facts about Malta. Part 2

Top 5 Facts about Malta. Part 2


We might be small BUT this island of almost 450,000 and growing, holds many treasures and secrets, many still undiscovered! We’re rich in history and we’re proud of our heritage. Thinking of visiting our island? Find out in which city cars are not allowed and more, in our list of fun facts about Malta part 2 below: You find part 1 by clicking the link here

1. The official languages in Malta are English and Maltese.




Maltese sounds Arabic and although similar in many ways, due to the Arab occupation of our island, the Maltese language has a mix of Italian and French amongst others. Since Maltese sounds, well, rough, many foreigners when they hear us talk, think a volcano is about to erupt! We’re not arguing, we’re just chatting. Of course, when a heated argument takes place where the cursing doesn’t stop, you’ll know. xD



2. Three major Islands of sun and fun.


five fun facts about Malta


Enter Malta, Gozo, and the smallest Comino (which has one hotel and known to have seven families living there). Comino’s Blue Lagoon is a famous attraction and looking at the picture you can see why. A few more tiny islands also can be found, but that is for another time. We’re only about 50 miles away from Sicily but are completely independent.




3. Glorious Mdina


five fun facts about Malta


When you are visiting our islands, you have to visit Imdina, why? Because it’s the stunning medieval city known as the “Silent City.” Also, it was our old walled Capital before Valletta. No cars are allowed into this gem except for the residents. If you’re thinking of renting a car, yep you have to park outside the gates of this fantastic capital. Perhaps some of you might notice many scenes found in Game of Thrones season 1… Yup the film directors also agreed Mdina was the perfect setting for many of the scenes!





4. The Three Cities


five fun facts about Malta


The three cities, located on the southern part of the island are Isla, Birgu, and Bormla. Birgu otherwise in English known as Vittoriosa during WWII was heavily bombed and damaged as were the other cities. But St Angelo the mighty fortress at the tip, which has its origins sometime around 870 (the exact dates are still unknown) still stands to this very day. A must see whilst in Malta.






5.  A Happy Island



According to a report issued 2013 UN report, Malta is the 48th happiest country on earth. So what are you waiting for? Book a flight, come and join us happy people xD





While we’re on the subject of happy then, click HERE to take one of our walking guided tours when in Malta.






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