Your Hosts. Welcome Aboard!

“The Real Malta Tours” is an Organised Excursion Operator licensed by the Malta Tourism Authority. That has introduced the First Ever “Corsairs of Malta” Tours to the Maltese islands as part of your Malta Attractions.

Your Local Maltese Tour Guide is Chris Schembri, bringing over 12 years of professional guiding and numerous stories to make your stay in Malta the best ever!     

Chris would like to point out that ALL our “Corsairs of Malta” Tours are held in VALLETTA.



What can I Expect?

True, Factual and Raw stories. Real Maltese History and incredible stories mixed with humour and entertainment. One of the top Malta Attractions.

Your Tour guide will re-enact and play the part of an ambitious Maltese Corsair so as to better get you into the feel of the time.



Over 16+ Years Policy.

This is NOT a “Disney Pirates of the Caribbean” Tour. Far from it. As mentioned above, a number of the stories and their descriptions are not suitable for children under 16 years.

However, Children’s Corsair Tours are available as Private Tours

Furthermore, this tour may also not be suitable for easily shocked, scandalised and sensitive adults too.

We aim to give a clear and Historically accurate picture of Malta’s Corsairing Past as part of your Malta Attractions.

You have been warned. As for the rest, your in for a real treat!



Are there Restroom Breaks and Bar Stops?

Tours have a 10-minute restroom break. Also one can also buy refreshments or beverages should they wish to during the 10-minute break.

Ps. Certain stops have seating where you can listen, whilst taking a further rest sitting down.


Will we enter buildings during the Tours?

Not during our Group Tours. However, should you want to enter a particular building or customize your corsair experience in any way, you can always arrange a Private Tour with Chris. He will do his utmost to make this one of the Top Malta Attractions you will experience.


Do I have to make a reservation or can I just show up?

YES, in order to ensure that we can maintain a suitable good group size for higher quality tours and more individual attention we ask for reservations to be made.

ONLY pre-bookings will be consideredTerms and Conditions apply.



Are there Minimum Quotas for Group Tours?

If at least one person shows up, then our tour will happen. This is one of those Malta attractions not to be missed. Also, we wouldn’t dare miss a chance to talk about Maltese Corsairs!



How much walking is involved?

Our tours are easy paced. Also, due to the number of stops with so many stories, there is Not a lot of actual walking.

There are also places you can stop and take a seat during certain stories. (Apart from the restroom break)



What shall I wear?

Pirate Clothing. JOKING, although we won’t complain if you do!

Anyways, although not a lot of walking is involved, comfortable shoes and clothing are recommended.

Also during Summer, we recommend that you also protect yourself from the sun, despite most areas during the tour are in the shade.



What if the weather is bad?

Welcome to Malta, where the weather is nearly always good and lack of rain is a growing issue.

However should we be lucky enough to have some much-needed rain, the tours will still take place.

Just make sure you bring an umbrella and dress appropriately.

Tours get cancelled only in extreme weather conditions. In this case, we would keep you updated on our Facebook page.



In what Language are the group tours held?

Group Tours will be held in English.

However Tours in Maltese, Italian and Spanish are also an option on Private Tour bookings


What are your payment options?

We accept payments via PayPal. Our payments are done on a secure page and we don’t store card details or share your information.

If you do not have a PayPal account, you can still pay through PayPal using your credit card without creating an account.


Any other questions before we set sail on our Corsair Tour?

If you have any other questions, that we can help you with our tours and our Malta attractions, please contact us on our Facebook page and we will do our best to answer you as soon as we can.

Many Thanks

The Real Malta Tours.