Top Five Fun Facts about Malta.
Fun facts about Malta

Top Five Fun Facts about Malta.


Malta despite being small has mind-blowing facts few people know about. Today, we are going to tell you our top five fun facts about Malta. (we will do a part 2 since our history is vast)

Without further ado here we go.

Fun facts about Malta



  1. Calypso Cave is said to be the cave that Homer wrote about in “The Odyssey”. The cave itself isn’t all that great, but the views of the nearby beach area. 



  1. Like the Brits and Japanese, we drive on the Left. Yep, we drive to the wrong side of the road.



  1. Other fun facts about Malta, Malta was probably originally connected to Europe via an ancient landbridge from Malta to Sicily. It was detached from Sicily when the Ice age finished and the Ice melted. That is what geologists say.


Top Five Fun Facts about Malta.


  1. It’s old. 9000 years ago first inhabitants came to the island. Much is unknown about them, a mystery of how they came and how they left. What is known is that 3600BCE the ancient Maltese where building the first freestanding monuments in the world.



Top Five Fun Facts about Malta.



  1. Last in our list of fun facts about Malta and our favorite…For almost 900 years every ruler of Malta including the Grandmasters of the Knights of St John were Corsairs…



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