Fun Facts about Valletta
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Fun Facts about Valletta: A small capital but don’t underestimate its size 


Valletta is the capital city of the island of Malta and was the European Cultural Capital 2018. Today we are going to lists fun facts about Valletta you can find the first part about the fun facts about Valletta over here


1. Population 


In 2016 Valletta had a Population of just 5730. 

2. Welcomes people. 


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Valletta had welcomed people from around the world. From Emprerors To Princess and Prince, Artists, Poets just to name a few our man Lord Baryon, Queen Elizabeth the second, Prince William, JFK and Carravigo to name a few. 






3. Valletta steps were hated by a certain poet. 



The British Poet Lord Bryon hated Valletta steps so much he wrote a poet about them “Adieu, ye cursed street of stairs, how surely he who mounts you swears.”

The fact that he had limp added to that effect when he visited Valetta in 1809 and again in 1811. The September humid air also proved to be too much for the great poet. Let’s just say Valletta wasn’t his favorite stay. Shame! 








4. A Sunny Captial


According to Weather experts, Valletta is the sunniest capital in Europe, do you need a more valid reason to come and visit? 


5. But it’s the third Captial City 

Believe it or not, Valletta isn’t the first capital city of the island. Imdina is the first capital followed by Vittoriosa. 

6. A city that had seen it all



It wasn’t always butterflies and rainbows for this glorious city. Valletta has been through a lot and seen a lot. From Ottomans to the French, to World War II air raids, to become independent, and make it as the Capital City of Culture. Through her bastion walls and narrow streets, Valletta is an open-air museum and a statement of bravery and strength that the Maltese embody. 


If you want to know who really built Valletta, where the funds came and other secret and fascinating facts you won’t find about Valletta on the internet be sure to check out or guided tours “ Corsairs of Malta”

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