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Corsairing apparently is STILL a Dangerous job…even the Tour Guide gets injured on occasion!! 

As my colleague tour guide, Chris Schembri found out when he broke his leg

PS: this happened outside the job and not whilst boarding enemy vessels 🙂 

Yet as the popular saying goes “the show must go on” and we corsairs need to eat … So lesson learned in life, there’s always a solution, and perhaps an opportunity behind every situation no matter what.

In our case, here I am replacing my “crewmate” and guide…Chris Schembri… on my first ever guided tour.


guided Tour


Accompanying Chris on many of our tours, I have always been “dying” (perhaps wrong choice of words to use in Corsairing) to also carry out a guided Tour, especially this tour after putting it all together.  Well, be careful what you wish for! Life has a habit of materializing your wishes in the strangest of circumstances.

With Chris’ broken leg and tours already pre-booked, rather than cancel or let Chris struggle in a wheelchair,  I took the challenge head on to dress up and perform, not one, but two tours we had booked in a single day to make my “début” with a bang!

When in doubt go all out, bigger targets make you worry less about smaller issues!

Chris accompanied me in a wheelchair all day due to a broken foot as a Silent Guide (remember we’re Corsairs, not Pirates so a licensed guide has to be present always)

guided Tour


Luckily, we were assisted by our mate from Finland, Robin. Who pushed Chris throughout while I did his two separate tours for the day…

The result is I’ve never felt better or had as much fun!!!! And what’s even more important is that our new shipmates who booked the tour had a really good time!

As I write this, Chris is literally back on his feet… and back to Corsairing, it is! In fact, we have just done our first Corsair Children’s Tour for a bunch an energetic and happy going group of scouts.  More on that tour for another time in another article!

Join us on a Tour !! We guarantee you’ll live to tell the tale!

All the best mateys




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