Children’s Private Corsair Tours
guided tours in Valletta.

Children’s Private Corsair Tours. A fun guided tours in Valletta. 


Let us make future generation remember us as proud ancestors just as, today we remember our forefathers” Roh moo-hyun.

The reason behind the creation of Furban Malti and now“Corsairs of Malta” guided Tours in Valletta, was the result of a major disappointment in Maltese History.

Or rather… disappointment on the particular selection of History and stories were given importance.

As you have already gathered we do guided tours in Valletta. Specifically about secret and notorious part of Malta’s Corsairs and “Licensed Piracy”.

A  rich topic barely mentioned at Schools (or not taught at all in my time).

In a fun and interactive way, we reveal this little known maritime history of our Maltese Corsairs and Piracy in Malta through educational guided walking tours in Valletta. 


guided tours in Valletta.

Now, to also ensure our younger generation can learn about this adventurous part of our History. Basically, the adult versions of our current tours BUT adapted and tweaked for all ages.

Delivered in such manner adults and accompanying the children will be entertained as to discover new stuff about Malta’s History to make it an outing like none other!

In Malta, we have heard many tales about “Il-Furbani Torok” (Ottoman and Barbary Corsairs), what we don’t hear… Is the Maltese Corsairs (Furbani Maltin) were just as feared! Perhaps worse!

What is perhaps even more interesting is many customs, values and certain sayings we use in Malta on a daily basis. Still, all originate from this Maritime past.

This cultural and social aspect is also what we aim to share and highlight through our guided tours in Valletta both for adults and well as for children.

So whether you’re a school, youth group or scout group, we will be thrilled to organize a Corsair Tour!


“Ensuring quality higher education is one of the most important things we can do for future generations” Ron Lewis. 


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