Haunted places in Malta
Haunted places in Malta

Haunted places in Malta: We dare you to visit those places at night. 


Booo!!! In this week’s post, we’re going to break down some of the scariest and most haunted places on the island.  We can’t cover all of them as this little rock has its own fair share of creepy. We are going to tell you tales that will make you hide under a sofa.


1. The Blue Dolphin house- Valletta


Haunted places in Malta

If you happen to be passing by in Valletta (preferably) at night for the extra-added effect, look for this house in St Ursula Street. The place is in disarray and it has never been sold. Why you might ask?


Back when Malta was under the British, two sailors came across a beautiful woman who asked them if they could accompany her home. The sailors not believing their luck, obliged. When they arrived at the location, the woman asked them if they could help with the door as she had forgotten the key inside. They managed to open the door and were marveled by the magnificent décor of the house.


The morning after, the men returned back to the house as one of them left the cigarette case back in the house. When they got there they found the house in ruins. They ran across to the neighbor who told them the house had been like that for decades.


Are you gripping the sheet yet? Don’t worry we have more.


2. Mdina 

Haunted places in Malta

Don’t be enchanted by just the beauty and the tranquillity of the old capital, it has tales that will keep you up at night. Here is what we think is the most disturbing story…

A young woman was about to marry, but a pompous knight had set his eyes on her and naturally, he didn’t care she was engaged. Since he was a knight he reasoned he had the divine right to do whatever he pleased, so one night he sought her out and raped her. The young woman got her revenge by killing the knight but was caught, arrested, and sentenced to death. 

However, she was granted her dying wish to marry her fiancé mere minutes before her execution.

When visitors take pictures outside the National Museum of Natural History Museum, (where it is said the execution took place), a headless bride would appear in their photos. (Talking about photobombing) It has been said that she also appears to heartbroken men were she asks them to join her in death! 



3. The Courts of Justice in Valletta


As you have realized, Valletta has its fair share of ghost stories but here is a quirky one. The Courts were quite different back in the day. Originally it was the site of Auberge d’Auvergne, yet the Auberge was destroyed during WW2. However, before being bombed, the Auberge was converted into a courthouse, which brings us to our story. One fine evening, a duty officer thought he was going to spend another boring evening until he heard a scream downstairs coming from the cells. He went to check and found the other duty officer sitting on a chair with his head buried on his hands and the prisoner screaming in the terror. Suddenly the guard felt something cold stirring in and saw a monk.

For years the monk haunted the police station knocking prisoners off their beds and moving furniture. Later, a small grave was discovered under the police station with remains of human bones. The monk never appeared again. Could these bones have belonged to the Monk? Or worse was this monk buried alive within the walls as a punishment sometimes dished out at the time!


4. Bir Mula Heritage House


This magnificent building is Bormla is over one thousand years old and has many fascinating legends such as Knights Templars hiding out in this house, Knights of St John and Ottomans Officials meeting in secret to discuss surrender terms during the Great Siege, conspiracies during the Maltese Insurrection against the French and many more.

Therefore it comes as no surprise that it has its fair share of spirits! (even footage has been captured!)  

So much so that it’s also well-known with local as well as foreign paranormal researchers who visit Malta specifically for Bir Mula!


PS. If you want to know about worldwide delicacies that have a violent past related to Malta!  Then click HERE to take one of our walking guided tours when in Valletta.



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