Malta Temples tour

Temples Tour - Ħaġar Qim, Mnajdra and surroundings

Malta Temples Tour: Decode the many mysteries and secrets of our temples with your local guide…

On the southern coast of Malta lie two ancient megalithic structures and patronage of the Unesco world heritage sites. Shrouded in myth and in legend they are perhaps the most unique experience of all the Maltese Islands…Ħaġar Qim and Mnajdra Temples in our Malta Temples tour. 

Are these temples the home of the people of Atlantis? Wonders of a long lost technological advanced civilizations? Is there really the hand of aliens? Giants perhaps? Well, keeping our feet on the ground, modern archaeology tells us that these are the oldest freestanding monuments in the world.

Our guide will give them life and depth not available had you to visit the Temples on your own!

Recorded by the first native historian these complexes are reputed to be temples with very odd yet recurring shapes. Architecture composed of the simplest way to build. Yet made to withstand the tests of time as their existence quite well proves they were erected using earthquake-proof technology it comes to no surprise that these structures have baffled archaeologists, experts, and engineers.

As much as 54 temple structures have been found on the archipelago, both above and below sea level. Most of them were damaged, partially, or almost entirely. This leaves us with further problems of interpretation together with the time factor, erosion, and usage as structures by later civilizations. Great damage has also been done by the local farmers/later constructors? Why?

We will leave you with some questions, intelligent questions that you might want to ask during the tour. Cause truth is: we have more questions about this civilization than we have answers.

While we try and observe what the experts are saying, and we make well-guessed suppositions, based on science, we shall also explore local myths, old nomenclature, material evidence, local legends, and so on.

Are the panels really saying the full truth? We will see how new discoveries are shaking all this status quo.

  • Who knows what their exact purpose was?
  • Who were the people that built them, how did they come about? What was their way of life?
  • And perhaps one of the biggest mystery of all why did they leave the islands?

Mnajdra and Ħaġar Qim lie a couple of hundred meters from each other (walking distance) almost like a married couple. Is this a Coincidence? Their shapes originally igloo-like, on the inside, apses, screens, ample decoration and aligned to the cosmos.

All this we will visit strolling around and within the temples trying to decode it bit by bit.

A visitor’s center is also in close vicinity where through other media, 4D Videos, panels, models, and things of the kind everyone will be invited to come to his own conclusions in the breathtaking experience. Literally you will be taken thousands of years back!

  Duration :   approx 2.5 Hours
  Meeting Point :   In the Car Park next to Stair Case of Ħaġar Qim.
  Finishing Point :   In the car park.
  Group Size :   1-30
  Price :   1 to 4 ppl - €130 / 5 to 10 ppl - €180 / 11 to 15 ppl €220 / 16 to 30 ppl - €300
  Type of Walk :   Pleasant with few inclinations.
Entrances fees (approx €10 per person) are bought separately and not included, tour may be customised: time duration, pickup point, other Temples, transportation to the Temples and back or any other special requests.

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