Our “Biggest” catch – Private Scout Tour
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Malta tours: Our “Biggest” catch – Private Scout Tour


What a day, what an experience, what fun!

Today, a group of very young but intelligent corsairs blessed us. As the Xghajra Scout group swelled our ranks on a maritime voyage through the streets of Valletta.


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This adventure was a child-friendly version guided tour of our adult Corsairs of Malta tours!

Definitely, one of the biggest rewards we can receive is the opportunity and pleasure of passing on our maritime and corsairing history to our future generation!  The icing on the cake is seeing the children, both boys and girls interact with Maltese Corsair “Xandru Galea” asking many questions. All eager to discover more about our heritage and culture.



Malta Tours


What for sure never ceases to amaze us are the many intelligent and astute observations by today’s younger generation. As well their problem-solving abilities answering numerous questions put to them by Xandru.  A lovely group of young corsairs indeed worthy to form part of our crew!

Though as every voyage it was not without its perils. As dark grey clouds formed on the horizon halfway through the tour! 


Malta Tours


A bit of rain even fell, but even the weather approved of the Corsairs of Malta Tours. We stopped for a few minutes and our young recruits once again headed out to continue their educational maritime adventure.

The Xghajra Scout Group honored us to board out ship! Till our next corsairing voyage.

Many thanks to the wonderful Xaghjra scout leaders accompanying us, for their continual effort to strive to mix fun & education for their scouts and for contacting us. “Grazzi min qalbna!!”


Arrr you ready!


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