Top 5 traditional Maltese desserts that will make your mouth water
Top 5 traditional Maltese desserts

Top 5 traditional Maltese desserts that will make your mouth water

You haven’t really experienced Malta till you try these!


The people Maltese love their food and why not? The Maltese cuisine is delicious and full of flavor made with love and passion. We have made a list of Maltese foods you have to try to read here. Today we are going to make a list of the top 5 Maltese desserts that you must try.


1. Qaghaq ta ghazel (honey rings)


Maltese desserts


These round things were made in Christmas back then now you’ll find them available in supermarkets or any local confectionary they have no honey they are made from jam, sugar, and treacle as their main ingredients.


2. Figolla


When Easter comes so does these bundles of joy. The Figolli (plural) are flat cakes that come in different forms such as rabbit, lamb, hearts etc it’s filled with a layer of marzipan and decorated with icing or chocolate and a small Easter egg.


3. Konnalli


This sweet resembles the sweets produced in Sicily and are not altogether Maltese. The Konnalli are crunchy cubes filled with ricotta, dark chocolate, nuts, ana d mix of fruits.


4. Prinjolata


Quite messy to eat and sweet the Prinjolata is a round cake coated with cream, melted chocolate, and cherries. Around Carnival time, this makes it a perfect time to savor the sweet tooth before the lent.


Biskuttini ta Lewz


Maltese desserts


This is another popular treat found in local bakeries made from almonds, castor, sugar, and eggs. Those indigents turn them into a soft macaroon. They taste great with a cup of tea or coffee.



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