Maltese dishes to try. Indulge in these local dishes and your tummy will happy. 
Maltese dishes to try

Maltese dishes to try. Indulge in these local dishes and your tummy will happy. 



When you’re on holiday one of the most important things, apart from the sights and the accommodation is the glorious food. Malta offers a lot of traditional delicious dishes one could expect from a Mediterranean island. Today we list top five Maltese dishes to try. 

1.The “Bragoli” known as Beef Olives


We start off the list of Maltese dishes to try with the beef olives. this is dish consists of minced meat, sliced of rump steak, and boiled eggs. It’s served with tomatoes sauce and potatoes. Over here we love our potatoes and peas. This is a must try for the meat lovers.


2. Pastazzi


Maltese dishes to try. Indulge in these local dishes and your tummy will happy. 


The cure to everything! Be it hangovers, hunger or just indulging in one’s self. When holiday on Malta you’ll are going to spot a lot of tiny shops that sell these pastries, they are literally in every corner. The Pastazzi are filo pastries stuffed with ricotta cheese and peas. Yummy.  There are also available in chicken and spinach filling.  For those with a sweet tooth, there are with Nutella filling. They are not expensive to buy. Little bundles of happiness. Don’t overdo it as they are full in calories but worth a try. A definite Yum.

3. Imqaret


To the sweet side, the imqaret is another traditional food you must try. Like the pastazzi, these diamond shaped pastries are filled with dates. They are mouth-watering and deep-fried so be careful with intake but well worth it. 






This dip is served as a snack or as an appetizer. If you dine in a traditional Maltese restaurant, it’s likely you will be served Bigilla as well as Maltese bread (another food worth trying) or water biscuits. The Bigilla’s paste is made from brown beans and garlic as its ingredients.

5. The rabbit

Last and not least in out lists of Maltese dishes to try. This is one of the most famous dishes on the island. Imgarr is the most famous for this. The rabbit is served in two kinds, either pan-fried in garlic and white wine or with tomato sauce. Be sure to try the Spaghetti rabbit sauce while here.


Ps. You’ll never believe, but our friend the Rabbit is ironically one of the reasons why we Maltese excelled in Corsairing (licensed Piracy).  Yes, you read right, I told you would never believe.



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