Top six Maltese Wines to try and experience the taste of Malta. 
6 Maltese Wines

6 Maltese Wines to try and experience the taste of the island of life. 

Wine production in Malta dates back two thousand years, to the time of the Phoenicians. At the beginning of the 20th century, Delicata and Marsovin wineries were established and been producing Maltese wines ever since.

Today we list our top 5 wines to try when you are Malta.


Melqart Red.


Produced by Meridiana wine estates, Melqart recalls the Phoenician God sailor worshipped in Malta during the Punic times. First released in 1996, this wine is deep ruby red with a hint of spiced notes and blackberry which gives a smooth long finish.








La Vallette Red and white


Maltese Wines


La Vallette is one of the most famous wines in the island, you’ll see it on most wine lists when you go out to dine. There are two to choose from;

The red is medium bodied with a spicy aroma that leaves a pleasant fruity taste.

The white is fruity with aromas of melons, apples and some floral notes, it leaves a slightly dry finish with a fresh acidity finish.





Cheval Franc


Cheval Franc


If you see this wine on the wine menu, order it as it is gorgeous wine and so is the bottle. The grape is a mix of Carbent franc and Shiraz. This wine is medium bodied with a peppery taste a must try.





Antonin Blanc or Noir

Antonin Blanc or Noir

The White is Chardonnay made in Gozo, it has a fine balance of acidity and soft butterfly flavors.









The Noir (RED)


The red is a medium bodied mix of Carbent Savoiuigon and Carbnet Franc. It’s full of fruit flavors of blueberries, cherries, and blackberries. This wine is good to take home and store, as its structure has good aging potential.


Isis Chardonnay


Maltese WinesYou can’t come to Malta and not taste this magic in a bottle and it tastes like heaven. Its color is a straw yellow and it has a fresh, complex bouquet of grapefruit and other white fruits. It has a well structured, citrus taste with a long pleasant acidic aftertaste. 









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