Top five movies filmed in Malta
movies filmed in Malta

Top five movies filmed in Malta


Malta has been hit with Hollywood for quite some time now. Today we list a few movies you might have watched but didn’t know were filmed in the Maltese islands.  More epic films yet to come in another article so keep a look out!


1. The Devil’s Double 2011

movies filmed in Malta

Starting off with our list movies filmed in Malta is the Devil’s Double. We see the Excelsior Hotel as Uday Hussein’s swanky mansion, also the Hilton tower, The British Hotel, University of Malta, are a few locations portrayed as Iraq in the 1980s. The movie stars Dominic Copper who did a fine job portraying both the roles of Hussein and his double.


2. The Spy who Loved me 1977

movies filmed in Malta

Remember the iconic scene where the amazing white Lotus dives underwater? Yes, you guessed it! It’s the Mediterranean Sea and you guessed right it’s in Malta. Another bond movie had parts of it filmed in Malta is Sean Connery’s “Never Say Never Again”.


3. Popeye 1980

movies filmed in Malta

Sadly Robin Williams may have left us altogether, but built specifically for the movie remains in Mellieha is Popeye village. So, when visiting our islands, do drop by and experience the quirkiness of this village. It’s quite a wonderful and charming little place. If you’ll be coming with your kids, they’ll love it.


4. Clash of Titans 1981

movies filmed in Malta

Forget the 2010 remake with terrible CGI, we are going to focus on the classic of the 1980s which is quite stunning to watch. The famous scene where the Kraken emerges from the depths of waters was filmed in Gozo way back where the Azure Window stood all proud with all of its full glory!



5. The Midnight Express 1978

movies filmed in Malta

Last on our list of movies filmed in Malta. Probably the most iconic movies of all. Filmed in Valletta, specifically Fort St. Elmo, as the Turkish prison.

This classic movie won dozens of awards including for the soundtrack done by the great composer Giorgio Moroder.  

It also features one of the famous lines in uttered in Maltese at the airport.

 “Din x’inhi?”  Which means “What’s this?” The actors speak in Maltese whilst playing the part of Turkish Police at the airport.

Ironically, the location of the prison during the film, Fort St Elmo was one of the biggest detriments to the Turks invasion during the 1565 Great Siege of Malta.

Otherwise, it may have very well become a Turkish prison. 


If you want to know more about the main but mostly unknown reason the Great Siege really happened in the first place join us on one of our tours.

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