How a LUCKY discovery led to the First ever guided tours about the true history of “PIRACY” in Malta and other little known facts


“The best things in life are unexpected.”




Hi, my name is Giacomo and stumbling by chance, on two whole pages dedicated to us Maltese in a book called “Pirate” by British Author Richard Platt was all it took to open a whole Pandora’s Box for me resulting in our Corsairs of Malta walking tours.

This revelation brought about a 101 questions that needed serious answering…

The fact that my little sunny island of Malta was a base for some of the toughest, unscrupulous sea wolves and rogues of all nationalities and creeds to ever plunder and pillage their way into Naval History, was something not mentioned at all.

Especially back then during my days at school in Malta.  It was totally forgotten! (Or perhaps purposely left out)


Corsairs of Malta Walking Tours
Maltese Corsair 2016 TV Interview with iNEWS Malta 



Three years later, after much research and delving deeper into the subject, I co-founded FURBAN MALTI” (“Maltese Corsair”) in 2014.

Our aim; to serve as a platform and promote this rich yet mostly neglected part of Malta’s Maritime History. Not forgetting our local Maritime Heroes through various channels.

In the beginning, many Maltese we met were skeptical and told us not to waste our time, or theirs! Despite the facts and research by various historians. Nonetheless, despite some serious let downs, FURBAN MALTI gradually built up a steady momentum with fellow Maltese.

Also, not surprisingly even more with foreigners and Tourists alike. Many told us we should do Corsairs of Malta walking tours!

Yet as guided tours, this “underground” part of Maltese Corsairing History remained forgotten and hidden in the dusty dark corners of Malta’s Maritime cities.

For it was much later, after a chance meeting during a Medieval Mdina event with a long-time friend Chris Schembri (a local Tour Guide by profession for over 12 years), that totally took matters to another level resulting in our Corsairs Walking Tours and other tours…




Corsairs of Malta Walking Tours
Your Tour Guide Chris Schembri in Valletta as the Maltese Corsair..”Xandru Galea”


Chris Schembri’s world revolves around History and Art.

When not professionally guiding for the Top Travel companies, language schools or organising private and customised tours, he can be found enthusiastically enjoying teaching Art at Elementary levels.         

Never missing a chance to combine both Art and History whenever possible.

Needless to say, on mentioning that his BA History of Arts Thesis was “The Depiction of Naval Battle Scenes in the Grandmaster’s Palaces 17th to 18th century”, a deep discussion inevitably followed between Chris and Furban Malti and talks on Corsairs of Malta walking tours begun.

A few beers later during that day and with Maritime History being a favourite of his, Chris also felt this high seas roller coaster and action-packed adventure of Malta’s History, was currently barely scratching the surface…





To the everyday Maltese at the time, the Corsairs were Heroes. Their adventures and sacrifices for Malta were the stuff of legends!

Just like a Hollywood Script! Except that our tales REALLY Happened!

So welcome aboard this special Maritime Voyage. Resulting in the first ever Corsairs of Malta Walking Tours. Every location and street we visit in Valletta will take you one step closer to experiencing the Raw and Real history of Malta and its Corsairs. 

Echoes of the island’s infamous yet glorious past!

For in our Corsairs of Malta walking Tours about Valletta, the Corsairs of Malta literally “Steal the Show”.

All, in the Unesco World Heritage City of Valletta.

So without further ado, Giacomo Muscat of Furban Malti and your Tour Guide Chris Schembri proudly welcome you to the FIRST EVER complete Corsairs of Malta walking tours and other real Malta walking tours!