Private Tour – Bachelors and Stag Do
Private Tour – Bachelors and Stag Do

Private Tour Malta – Bachelors and Stag Do

Sea, Sun and Pirates! Welcome to Malta!


Ahoy their shipmate, the first part of your adventure has begun!

Are you visiting our tiny island of Malta for a Stag do with the lads?

Give your matey an event to remember.

Treat your Bachelor to a “Pirate Guided Tour” in Valletta during one of our special Corsairs of Malta Tours. Let him relish his last moments of Freedom on a pirate tour!

My name is Chris Schembri, a tourist guide by profession for over twelve years.

Although, during the tours, you will address me as  “Xandru”. A fictional Maltese Corsair and lieutenant in the feared Maltese Corsair Fleet.

Private Tour Malta – Bachelors and Stag Do


Experience Malta’s best-kept secrets and tales of desire in an interactive way, with of course a dash of humor, that will keep you intrigued throughout!

Do you want to enjoy some drinks throughout the walking tour? Hell yeah, it is a bachelor and a “pirate” tour after all!





I can easily arrange a couple of Bar stops, perhaps time for some nibbles at some excellent locations throughout the Tour and finish the tour at “The Pub”, where renowned English actor Oliver Read literally had his last drink, whilst filming Gladiator in Malta. A proper Pirate!


In addition, treat yourselves to one of our tours, take the mickey out of your stag and have a couple of drinks along the way.

Firstly, Listen to the only tales worth hearing as every majestic building in Valletta we will pass by….from Merchants street and more will show “Piracy” in Malta was well-organized industry…and NOT you’re mainstream “Pirates of the Caribbean”.


Private Tour Malta – Bachelors and Stag Do

Witness in awe at the bloody events, pleasures of the flesh, crafty and fiendish schemes which took place at these locations! 

Secondly, Participate in our stories, sometimes at the point of my pistol or sword, though mostly voluntary as I bring our stories to life!

So who exactly were these unscrupulous Maltese Corsairs as well as “ladies of the night”, who walked through these streets of Valletta? Carrying out business deals, mischief, and pleasures of the flesh?  

Are you ready to see the other hidden side of Valletta’s rich History whilst having a good laugh or two, and a couple of drinks?

Just fire away an email and let me know how can I make sure you finish or start your holiday in Malta with a Bang!

Our tours are the most media covered tours in Malta for a very good reason!

Hope to see you on board with us Maltese Corsairs. Till then we’ll sharpen our swords and make ready to show you the Real Malta!


Your local host and guide


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