A private tour in Malta like you’ve never experienced before

A private tour in Malta like you’ve never experienced before. 


Ahoy there matey.

Our Corsairs of Malta tours are the most Media covered guided tours in Malta for a reason!

Never trust a pirate they say. But I am a Maltese Corsair and not your petty sea rover.

In fact, here is a link of the booty, alas not gold, but nonetheless precious Media Coverage we have received to date, so judge for yourself shipmate that our tours are a treat you must experience when in Malta and especially when visiting Valletta!


private tour in maltaprivate tour in malta


So now press releases aside, welcome aboard what really matters as we discover Valletta’s secret stories…


  • Prostitution, “special” payments to the Grand Master.


  • More vessels and other sea craft you can count…. stolen, sometimes bloodied!


  • Human trafficking in the Mediterranean and the love of Gold!


  • Pleasures of the Flesh and other unscrupulous stories many preferred to keep under the carpet, but not us!


If this fires up your curiosity me hearty!

Let me give you something different to discuss and talk about with your friends over a good bottle of wine ( or rum)

If you want a different Tour, outing altogether and discover the tales you’re really dying to hear…

Experience History as it should be; alive, flowing and fun!

Then fire a cannon shot, or perhaps better an email and save your gunpowder for our tour 🙂 

Allow me to share my enthusiasm, knowledge, and stories on a topic close to my heart!

Should you want to tweak your tour a bit, add more stops, more hidden topics, lunches I am at your disposal for your private tour in Malta!


private tour in malta

Arrrrrr you ready!



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