Dare to tour Valletta with your own Private Corsair guide!

Dare take your own Corsair Private Tour in Valletta


During our special tours, I go by the name of “Xandru Galea.” A fictional Maltese Corsair. A lieutenant in the feared Maltese Corsair Fleet. On the stage of life, my name is Chris Schembri, a tourist guide by profession for over twelve years.

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Either way, myself and “Xandru” are here to make sure you experience Malta’s best-kept secrets. The many yet little know tales you’re really dying to hear about in a fun and interactive way throughout this adventure.


So treat yourself when visiting our Capital City and welcome aboard our Corsairs of Malta private tour in Valletta with your corsair guide if you dare!!

Valletta’s connection with Corsairing …”Licensed Piracy”


That’s one of the first things that you will discover… and form the basis of our Maltese Maritime adventure throughout this private tour in Valletta. 

private tour valletta private tour valletta

Every majestic building in Valletta we will pass by….from Merchants street and more will show Corsairing was well-organized industry…and NOT you’re mainstream “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

But who exactly were these Maltese Corsairs who walked through these streets of Valletta? Carrying out business deals, mischief, and pleasures of the flesh?

What is their story?  Why was it so? Or more accurately what was to gain from this!

At your own pace and time of your choosing, relax and just admire the rich and intricate architecture. Whilst, hearing those colorful tales you want to discover during your stay in Malta.

You will laugh and giggle and also participate. Sometimes point of my pistol, though mostly voluntary 😉



Should you want to tweak your tour a bit, add more stops, more hidden topics, lunches. I am at your disposal for your private tour in Valletta!

All you need to do is send me a cannon shot, or perhaps an email to save your gunpowder for our tour. 

The rest is in my hands. I’ll do my best to make sure you finish or start your holiday with a Bang!

Hope to see you on board with us Maltese Corsairs. Till then we’ll sharpen our swords and make ready to show you the Real Malta!


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