5 snacks bars in Valletta 
5 snacks bars in Valletta 

5 snacks bars in Valletta 



While walking in Valletta you will get blown away by the beautiful architectural features and unbelievable views that you might actually forget to eat. But since it is such a beautiful city, you shouldn’t waste any time sitting inside a restaurant all day. Grab a snack and keep walking. Where you should grab a snack? Hold on, I will tell you about 5 snacks bars in Valletta. 


1. The Submarine 

snacks bars in Valletta 

First, on the list of snacks bars in Valletta, this is a lunch and brunch kind of place, where you will get Italian/Mediterranean types of food experiences. It is a fast food restaurant and they serve sandwiches both for eating there and for take-away. For example, you can get a sandwich by your choice, with four fillings and a sauce for only 3.50 euros. Just pick your sandwich and continue with exploring Valletta. 


2. No. 43 

Snacks bars in Valletta 

The Mediterranean café ‘No.43’ is a breakfast/lunch/brunch. They serve a big variety of salads (amongst other things) from which you can pick your favorites and put them together as you make your own perfect salad. Order as takeout, eat in their lovely café atmosphere or take a seat outside on a sunny day.  


3. Piadina Caffe 


Snacks bars in Valletta 

This Italian inspired café serves basically everything between breakfasts to great lunches. Their specialty is the ‘Piadina’ (an Italian flatbread) which is where the company’s name also comes from. You can choose between various fillings, just so that it will be the perfect Piadina just for you. In this café, they are licensed to serve alcohol, so it’s also possible to enjoy a glass of wine or maybe a beer. 


4. Falafel Street 

A Lebanese fast food restaurant where you can go for brunch, lunch or dinner. Here you find falafels, burgers and wraps with different fillings. Grab a wrap and get seated outside or take a walk to show off your beautiful piece of food so that other people get jealous and start drooling after one too.  


5. Gugar Hangout & Bar 


Snacks bars in Valletta 

Looking for a nice place with good food along with an alcoholic drink (or non-alcoholic)? This is the place to go. last to make the list in snack bars in Valletta. The Mediterranean café/bar ‘Gugar’ has a lovely atmosphere and serves you an excellent filled “Ftajjar” (Maltese Bread Specialty). The vibe at this place might actually make you feel like you want to stay even though you are on your way somewhere else. But like most restaurants, you can also grab a snack and just continue with your day.  


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