5 not so popular but beautiful streets in Valletta 
Streets of Valleta

5 not so popular but beautiful streets in Valletta 




Even though every street is beautiful and special in Valletta according to me, there are a few streets that aren’t really that crowded. In my opinion, more people should explore the streets for bigger or smaller reasons. I have listed 5 of these hidden pearls and I am also explaining why you should walk down these streets while visiting Valletta.  


1.St. Barbara Bastion 


streets in valletta   streets in valletta



By walking down this street you get a beautiful view of the front of the Three Cities. There is not usually much traffic or people on this street, so it’s also a great place to sit and think about the positive or negative things life brings to you.  



 2.St. Christopher’s Street 


streets in valletta

This street basically goes from one end of Valletta to the other and on both ends, you get spectacular sea views. From St. Christopher’s Street you also have easy access to the more crowded street, for example, Old Bakery Street and Merchants Street.  



3.Untitled street 


streets in valletta

Between Archbishop Street and St. Christopher’s Street you find a short street without a name. It’s narrow but it somehow still feels like it’s wide. The pretty little street is peaceful and quiet and it gives you an opportunity to clear your thoughts before heading on to the more busy streets. It is my favorite street in Valletta. 




 4. Punent 

streets in valletta


Apart from the colorful balconies and doors along this street, you will get a spectacular sea view at the end of it. The sea view itself gives this street a spot on this list.  



5.Marsamxett Street 


streets in valletta          streets in valletta

streets in valletta









From what I have experienced this street is kind of busy with traffic. When you walk along this street you will get amazing views of Manoel Island and Fort Tigné.  


Article and photography by our young corsair in the making Robin Sjölund


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