The Red Tower- St Agatha’s tower
The Red Tower- St Agatha’s Tower 

The Red Tower- St Agatha’s Tower 


When it started

Built-in 1649 St Agatha’s Tower known as the Red Tower. It provides excellent all-round views of Gozo, Comino, and the Ghadira Nature Reserve. It’s one of the six Lascaris Towers during the rule of Jean-Paul Lascaris Castellar.


The Red Tower- St Agatha’s Tower 


The tower is different from the other towers, but like the Wignacourt tower, this tower was the last large bastioned tower to be built on the island. designed by Antonio Garsin, it consists of a square tower with four corner towers. The outer walls are four meters thick at the base, and the interior is enclosed by a barrel-vaulted roof.





The Location and present day.

Situated in a commanding position of Marfa Ridge at the northwest end of Malta. Overlooking the natural harbor and potential enemy landing site of Mellieha Bay with the vista of Comino and Gozo. It was the Knights’ primary stronghold in the west of Malta, manned by a garrison of 30 men with ammunition and supplies to withstand a siege of 40 days. This tower continued to have a military function throughout the British period and manned during both world wars. It was also used as a radar station by the Armed Forces of Malta.

By the 20th Century, the tower was in a poor state but the Din L-Art Helwa restored it. Repairs started in 1999 and completed in 2001. The tower is now open to the public. So, if you want to add something extra into your holiday, we recommended you go and see this magnificent tower, and afterward, you can head the Popeye village which is not far a swim at Ghadira bay or take the ferry to Gozo. If not just enjoy Ghadira bay itself!



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In 2015, the tower was awarded a Certificate of Excellence by Trip advisor.

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