Five things to do in Malta in summer
5 things to do in Malta

Five things to do in Malta in summer


Summer is around the corner and if you’re planning your holiday, you must be thinking about what to do in Malta in the summer. Summer is the season where Malta comes alive. Here are five things to do in Malta in the summer to make your planning much easier.



1. Go Diving



The island is famous for its high temperature and clear blue waters. To cool off from our summer heat, of which the temperature can go to 40C you can spend the day snorkeling or if you’re feeling adventurous…diving. There is a range of wrecks, reefs, natural caves and rock formations just waiting for you under the waves. Who knows perhaps you might even come across a Corsair Ship!





2. Take a trip to Gozo.


things to do in Malta in summer


While in Malta, take a ferry to Gozo. Gozo shares the same culture and heritage as her bigger sister Malta, but a much quieter and tranquil version. One of the most visited sites is Victoria and the stunning Citadella; a fortified city with parts dating from Roman and Byzantine times and a view to die for.




3. Take a trip to Comino


things to do in Malta in summer


Comino is an uninhabited island and with just one hotel. But the Blue Grotto is one of the sought-after beaches with its crystal-clear waters and heavenly feel! Perhaps you recognized it during Angela Jolie’s scene during the film Troy?







4. Visit a local Festa


things to do in Malta in summer


Every year during the summer, each village celebrates the feast of their patron saint. This will be a week-long celebration. Consisting of food, music, religious events and parades. While there why not try one of the local sweets? And the fireworks are a must see over a glass of cold Maltese beer!






5. Check out the View at the Barrakka Gardens.



things to do in Malta in summer


While in Valletta do go to the upper or lower Barrakka Gardens, sit back and enjoy the view of the harbor and stunning three cities.




PS: Visiting our lovely island of Malta is a whole year affair. Every season has its own charm and advantages. In fact, check out this awesome and helpful guide put together by Bookmundi to really help you better decide the best time for you to pop by our island of Malta, below:


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