Uncover Malta’s best-kept secrets on this 2-hour walking Valletta tour in our UNESCO-listed capital city. Follow your local “Corsair of Malta” guide who mixes historical fact with entertainment and a dash of humour. Admire the aesthetics the majestic buildings in Valletta have to offer whilst hearing tales of Plunder and theft, Torture, Greed, Pleasures of the Flesh and Clever Elaborate Schemes and plots.

Hear about unknown Corsair stories and other exciting tales Valletta’s streets have witnessed under the brave yet equally cunning Knights of St John …

And their feared Maltese Corsairs… Licensed to Steal!



  • 2- Hour Guided Tour of Valletta’s Hidden treasures with Chris Schembri, a local guide with over 12 years’ experience.
  • A must if you desire to experience the Maltese tales you’re truly dying to hear about! In a way History is not normally presented to visitors.                                                                                                            We’re the most Media Covered Tours in Malta for a very good reason!
  • Walk past top attractions like Auberge De Castille, Auberge D’Italie and other architectural gems.
  • See the Old Courthouse, the Grandmaster’s Palace and many more attractions along Merchants Street.
  • 10-15 minute restroom & refreshment break halfway through the tour at Valletta Food Market will make sure you’re well prepared for the final part of your adventure!
  • Let your eyes feast on a Panoramic View of the Grand Harbour and the Three Cities.


A fascinating and unique tour around Valletta”

  Reviewed by a TripAdvisor traveller, 22 June 2018



Meet your local guide, Chris Schembri playing a roguish Corsair from Valletta’s pirate past in front of the majestic Auberge De Castille, and set off on your-2 hour walking tour as we delve back into the time of the infamous Knights of St. John!                                                                                                                                                

  Licensed Piracy and its significant connection with Valletta. Who was involved? How did it work, at what deadly price? And much more…will form the basis of our story, on a journey where you literally “Get Rich or Die Trying”!

Follow your entertaining and informative guide, whilst admiring the superb Baroque architecture of each location you stop by. Such as Auberge De Castille, Auberge D’ Italie , the Old Courthouse, the Grandmaster’s Palace and many more, especially along Merchants Street. More importantly, is the intrigue following each location’s secret past. A history kept hidden until now, that even many locals don’t know about!

Witness in awe at the bloody events, pleasures of the flesh, crafty and fiendish schemes which took place at these locations! 

Prepare at times to volunteer … sometimes at the point of Xandru’s pistol, as he recruits from your group to participate in real life situations of the past. Fear not, a laugh and giggle normally follow…Half-way through the tour…. You’ll have time for a quick refreshment or a restroom break during a 10 to 15 minutes short break at the Valletta Food Market.

Afterward, follow your guide as we explore off-beaten parts and locations in Valletta. Learn about incredible feats which shaped the world as well as promiscuity gone wild! Finally, hear our epic final story as we conclude with a spectacular view by the bastions overlooking the Grand Harbour and the equally important Three Cities! After your 2 hour tour, you’ll have either started or finished your holiday with numerous tales and to keep you discussing our Corsair Island over a bottle of wine…or perhaps rum!

  MEETING POINT AND ROUTE:                                                        

    Start:  Auberge De Castille, Valletta

    Finish: Lower Barrakka Gardens, Valletta

    Duration:  Approx 2 hours

    Age:  Strictly 16+

    Language:  English

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