SURVIVAL: Do the means justify the end… YOU DECIDE!



•  You’ll literally retrace our Corsairs footsteps, location by location in this Valletta Tour and discover the real truth of a “forgotten” and extremely important industry.  (Or at least much more than we would care to admit…)


•  But who was Involved? How deep does the rabbit hole go? Surprise yourself, hopefully not shock! (As much), Fingers crossed!


•  Enjoy escapes from imminent death and despair brought to life by your expert tour guide. As well as Stories and Naval battles that would put Hollywood to shame, and that really happened


•  Discover why the Corsairs are “Licensed to Steal”. But what happens they cross the boundaries?


•  Find out: why on earth does the most powerful authority in Christendom get involved?


•  Hear many tales of plunder, Lust, and promiscuity gone wild. Listen to Clever Elaborate Schemes unrivaled perhaps even today!


•  Learn about the real truth behind the cause behind one of Malta’s most past prominent Historical events. (Hint, it’s the first thing you hear about Malta) AND MUCH MUCH MORE on this Historical maritime voyage which well may be your last…

As make no mistake, in this Licensed to Steal Profession of the Corsairs of Malta you literally “Get Rich or Die Trying!”


A fascinating and unique tour around Valletta”

  Reviewed by a TripAdvisor traveller, 22 June 2018




Book this tour if you’d like to:

  • Let Tour guide Chris Schembri entertain you ( with over 12 years’ experience in professional guiding)


  • Re-live the times as Chris Schembri plays the role of “Xandru Galea” a Lieutenant in the Corsair Fleet better dramatizing the reasoning of the time.


  • Learn about the Real Corsairing History of Valletta. Extremely important for Malta’s survival.


  • Walk through the splendid Merchant Street and other stunning streets. Not forgetting breath-taking views of our Grand Harbour.


  • Leave with a complimentary voucher for a 10% discount on one of Malta’s top souvenir T-Shirts ( Maltese Corsair T-Shirts – FURBAN MALTI)  found in Valletta and Sliema outlets.


    Meeting Point and Route:                                                        

    Start:  Auberge De Castille, Valletta

    Finish: Lower Barrakka Gardens, Valletta

    Duration:  Approx 1 hour & 50 mins

    Age:  Strictly 16+

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