Underground Malta - Private Tour

Underground Malta Private Tour

The archipelago has always been a place of great wonderment, legends, myths, stories of creatures. hermits, caves, you mention it we have it! As I am sure you also have in your country too!

But never and nowhere have you seen such a concentration of history like in Malta. And so it is when it comes to the mystical, the esoteric and the unknown. Lurking from below the earth lie stories of creatures such as ‘il-Kaw Kaw’, phantoms of knights, the “diseased” but also other stories that are documented and very well entrenched into a rational history.

Our story for this tour starts with  Mdina. A dwelling place for settlers from at least 4000 years of documented history. Oh well, we are rather touching prehistory here guys!! A place that has been the administrative and ruling center of the islands for centuries.

A place where many battles have been fought, laws enacted.  Not all laws proved popular with the local Maltese, the lords of the island swiftly and brutally dealt with these upstarts! From public humiliation, confiscation of goods, corporal punishment, and of course torture! This will be our subject during our first stop at Mdina dungeons.

Malta has witnessed religious and non-religious persecutions, religious and non, had its fair share of tyrants, the inquisition, political suppression, uprisings. The perfect recipe for our spicy subject!

Our second stop will be a place of much speculation and romanticism concerning the early Christians in Malta. The Maltese allegedly firstly converted by Paul the Apostle himself around the year 61 C.E. Rabat being just outside the old city of Melite (Mdina’s old fancy name…) is FULL of such underground cunicula ie: underground passages.

Some are relatively large, some smaller consisting of family or group compounds that were more private. Here we explore the pagan rites, Jewish, and Greek, Phoenician, Punic, and Roman communities living in Malta. How did they honor the dead? Our stop will take us down several meters below ground in these dark artificially lit spaces

Picture the rituals, get lost in these labyrinths (oh well we hope not literally), observe and feel the space. It is very sensory we promise! Especially if you use the imagination, while your guide, passionately explains the fine details. Frescoes, bone remains, agape tables, artifacts, different kind of tombs is what one should expect.

Finally Għar il-Kbir it is! In the most extreme outskirts of Rabat, just outside the largest forested land, far away from civilization lie still the remnants of a village. A village with a difference, a village of cave dwellers. Many questions arise here! Who were they? When did they start inhabiting the cave settlement? Why? What did they eat? What were their customs? Were they religious an in which way? And why did these families leave suddenly during the British period? What do the mysterious parallel lines dug into the ground all around the cave have to do with it? Tombs, taxation, paganism, ancient quarries, defence, distinct noble visitors, dynamite and so much more!

Are you in yet? What are you waiting for?! Book a tour and enter the darkness of our island. Only for a while 😉

  Duration :   4 Hours
  Meeting Point :   Mdina City Gate .
  Finishing Point :   Mdina City Gate.
  Group Size :   1-30
  Price :  1 to 4 ppl - €180 / 5 to 10 ppl - €240 / 11 to 15 ppl €300 / 16 to 30 ppl - €400
  Type of Walk :   Pleasant with some steep inclinations, underground passages, caves , rough terrain.
  Additional :   Free Maltese Snack (Sweet or Sour).

Entrances not included (Entrances approx €5 per person), Transport - price to be determined separately according to the number of people. Tour may be customised: time duration, pickup point, museum visits, transportation or special requests.

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