Maltatina dares to join the Maltese Corsairs!
Valletta History Tour

Maltatina dares to join the Maltese Corsairs! Valletta History Tour. 

It’s always a fun day in Valletta history tour, especially when the Maltese Corsairs are being brought back to life by your Corsair Guide …Lieutenant Xandru Galea!


Only today’s tour came with a twist. Joining us on today’s voyage was Tina, a Photoblogger.


For all of you who haven’t seen her website then do yourself a favor and do so on: Here


Tina, a Czech expat living in Malta, has been for on a quest for fun, entertainment and new discoveries in Malta ever since she thought she had seen it all.


She soon realized how wrong she was, and has been keeping a photo diary of Malta ever since!


Maltatina is unlike any other local sightseeing website. Tina is one of the few content creators who bases her photo blogs purely on her personal experience illustrated with her own images. So when you read her blogs you know exactly what to expect.


Throughout her ten years on the island of Malta, she never came across any Xandru Galea or his fellow Corsairs of Malta!


In all fairness, the first ever Corsairs of Malta Tours brought to you by the Real Malta Tours have only been around since June 2018… Although the History of plundering and looting all the Corsairs of Malta could get their greedy hands on, goes way back.


Valletta History Tour


Yet very few know about this secret part of our Maritime History!

Welcome to our Corsairs Tours!



So location by location in Valletta, Xandru Galea entertained Tina, who amused herself with our Corsair tales. Some Certain tales of torture and punishments may not have been left as amusing as they were shocking!


Rightly so, the Knights of Malta who governed over the Corsairs, despite healing with one hand, were not at all shy to shed blood with the other. But this is the Real history of Malta and its corsairs, the uncut and uncensored version, please!


We could go on about Tina’s experience, but why do so, when she has already produced such a brilliant review!  Click HERE to read more about Tina’s experience on a Maltese Maritime Voyage “For the Love of Gold” with the Corsairs of Malta.



Ps …a double ration of rum for Tina as she joined our Valletta History Tour whilst pregnant and 6 weeks shy of giving birth!!!!



Valletta History Tour


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