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GOOD NEWS. Your day or stay in Malta just got much better!


ALL of our Corsairs of Malta Tours are available as Valletta PRIVATE TOURS. At a time, date and pace of you’re choosing.


Valletta Private Tour                                     So whether you are:

  • Just one, two or more people who wish your own private corsair guide on your own Valletta Private Tour to navigate you through the hidden gems of Valletta’s secret history at your own pace and time.


  • You wish to tweak your corsair Valletta Private Tour a bit. Perhaps add more stops, more topics, lunches ,  take a longer version of our Tours or whatever could make your day and time in Malta just brilliant!


  • A company, organisation in need of a good deal of fun mixed with interesting true stories to have a good day or night out! (and never see Valletta the same way again.)



  • Want to organise a Childrens’ tour….Naturally toned down to be suitable for children!  



Then hurry up, get in touch with us and tell us how we can make your day or night, literally one for the books when in Malta with our Corsair Valletta Private Tour!


All it takes is a private message with what you wish from us. It’s as easy as that.


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