Viewpoints in Valletta
Viewpoints in Valletta

Viewpoints in Valletta: Explore the wonderful views Valletta has to offer. 


While you wander around in Valletta, a wonderful discovery is to stumble upon spectacular viewpoints that give you the opportunity to see a long way. If you don’t know exactly where to go to find those views and relax while doing so keep reading.


Upper Barracca Gardens


Upper Barrakka Gardens offers you a spectacular view over the Grand Harbor and the Three Cities. As one of the highest points in Valletta, this is probably the place where you get the best landscape over both city and sea. The garden also offers a calming atmosphere with its flora and architecture.


 Viewpoints in Valletta   Viewpoints in Valletta





Lower Barracca Gardens

This garden also offers a view over the Grand Harbor and the Three Cities, but from a different angle. From here you’ll see a view over the sea, with nothing else in sight. Exactly like the Upper Barracca Gardens, this garden is also perfect for relaxing and amazing views.



 Viewpoints in Valletta  Viewpoints in Valletta






Hastings Gardens

Enter Valletta by the City Gate, turn left and walk up the stairs. To your left, you will find the Hastings Gardens. Since it’s located right at the city walls, this garden promises a great view over Floriana and Marsamxett Harbour.



 Viewpoints in Valletta    Viewpoints in Valletta





Fort St. Elmo

Walk along the fort walls to explore spectacular views. You will have the opportunity to see as long as only possible out to the sea. This is a great place to go if you are looking for a view as well as a nice stroll along the fortifications and make further discoveries.





City Gate

When you enter Valletta through City Gate, your first intuition is to walk straight forward, since there are the crowds of people in front of you. But if you want spectacular views; choose to walk up the stairs either to the left or right. If you walk up to the left, you will come across Hastings Gardens, which is already mentioned. If you walk to the right and head up the flight of stairs, you are going be able to get a view over Floriana from another angle close by to the Upper Barracca Gardens. And if you are watching the sunset while you stand there, you better take out your camera because it is amazing.




Viewpoints in Valletta  Viewpoints in Valletta


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