Looking for the top 10 top Malta Excursions in Malta?

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We were the First ever

When it comes Maltese Corsairs we were the first to bring it directly to you on the street as a Tour, in such depth and focus. 

We are literally the First in Malta to specialise and provide whole complete tours specifically about the Maltese Corsairs and Licensed Piracy. So for those of you visiting Malta looking for untold stories and top attractions of our History, welcome aboard to a rags to riches narration unheard of before on the streets of Valletta.


We approach every one of our Tours as if it were a Champions League Final.

Our well-researched tours are delivered in a fun way, but never at the expense of History itself.

Yes, Facts are sacred, but with entertainment and fun thrown in.  Guaranteeing this tour to be one of the top ten things to do in Malta.


Action packed and astounding roller-coaster Mediterranean story.

Without creating any spoilers, the history of the Corsairs of Malta makes for a narration, that we can proudly say is not commonly found elsewhere in the Mediterranean and other Malta Excursions.


Juicy and rare information.

Our Information excludes as much as possible of what is already readily accessible on the internet or in routine publications for tourists.

Therefore you’re in for a really entertaining and eye-opening tour during our Malta Excursions. Undoubtedly shocking at times.


No Minimum Quotas

Forget cancellations due to lack of people.

Rest assured, whether you’re one person or fifty, either way, you are going on the Original Maltese Corsair Tour!


Experienced Veteran of many tours

Your Tour guide Chris Schembri brings over 12 years professionally guiding tours, carrying out Malta Excursions both group-based and privately.

Together with Giacomo Muscat, another local intrigued with Maltese History and especially Maltese Corsairing, Chris & Giacomo have decided to go all out and now focus on specialised tours and Malta Excursions on the history of corsairing as well as other little known gems and special topics.